After watching Bear playing today I've decided that we could have a Corgi Olympics with the following events:


Rawhide Chucking (Both for height and velocity)

Circle Running

Figure 8 Running (sister event to circle running)

Ditch slalom

Tugging (with and with-out vocals)

Wood floor sliding (for distance and style - bonus points if you take out the area rug too!)


I'm sure that you guys can contribute many more.  What would your favorite Corgi Olympics event be?


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How about snow-hopping (jumping over the snow like a rabbit)?  Chasing snowballs?  Treat catching?  Digging a ball out from under a blanket?

Bed slamming!   you know... the subtle Corgi approach to seeing if you're awake by standing on hind legs and slamming into the side of your bed with a big loopy grin!  "are you AWAKE?"

I have one of those.  He actually whomps the end of the bed with his side, then jumps up and peers over the top of the mattress and barks.  Just in case you missed the first subtle hint.


Definitely need a licking competition.

good idea! we could have owner's face licking AND peanut butter jar licking. No fair putting peanut butter on owner's face!

Mine could do squeaking ;)


I'm brand new to this ... but eight of us corgi owners just held an unexpectedly successful event with lots of tv coverage

I don't know if links can be posted in this system.  If so you can get an idea of some of the activities we tried here in the snow at 5,000' in the Rockies.


Turnout for corgi club fundraiser exceeds expectations, helps food bank


By Katherine Mozzone, KTVM Reporter,

This was so great to see!  Keep up the great work.  I t always amazes me that you could get such a large group of dogs that are strangers and there are no fights. ( maybe a few minor arguments but nothing serious or lasting.)

   HA! Can't

t believe that this one has not been mentioned yet: Toilet paper unrolling, fastest time to unroll the entire roll wins. We have to keep both of the doors to the bathrooms closed otherwise Molly will head straight for the toilet paper and proceed to unroll it. If no one has caught her by the time she has a huge pile of unrolled toilet paper on the floor she proceeds to turn it into confetti. 

or shredding toilet paper/cardboard/paper

I just came back from one organized by the Yellowstone Corgi Club centered in Billings Montana

One of the events was dressing your corgi for a fashion show.   It was a timed event and owners had to go to different boxes to pick out articles of clothing and dress their dogs and have them stay on a runway (carpet remnant) for maybe 30 seconds.

Here are a few photos I took at the event.   I did not participate in the fashion event because I know Buddy, Duke of Pembroke would not have cooperated.  However, he likes water.


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