I've been looking into how others have felt about how their dogs have interacted when there is more than one corgi in the last month because I really feel as though I'm ready to have a pup join myself and Ein's life. I manage to get out and walk Ein on most nights and regaurdless of a walk or not we play a lot of fetch inside (I don't have a fenced in yard atm). He has never shown aggression towards another dog or stranger but he has gone through his boughts of being afraid I would take away his food (I feel this is from the problems I had finding a food that wouldn't upset his stomach). Sorry I'm not sure what kind of background to really give for this question.

How do others that have a pair of corgis find that they do together and how much time do you spend individually with them once they were together for a substantial amount of time? Do you know if they play together or keep each other busy during the day when you are at work(I realize this is kind of hard to know lol.. if a tree falls in the woods)? Anything else that you could recommend or any questions for me that I hadn't thought to lay out first?

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Thanks a lot for all the replies. I think everyone has reaffirmed what I felt getting another corgi would involve and how great it could be for Ein. Now to check with the breeder that I got Ein from and see if she has an upcoming Tri litter. Thanks again everyone!
Talk with your breeder about Ein's personality. She should be able to match his personality with the right puppy in the litter.
Well Sam I say go for it. Malibu turned 2 years old in Nov and that was the age we felt we needed to get another pup. We got Captain on Dec 29. We live in the Bay Area and picked up Captain in Oregon. We took Malibu with us for 2 reasons. My wife wanted her to play in the snow which was a blast, and she needed to get to know Captain asap as they were going to be siblings. Malibu at first was more the shy one not wanting a thing to do with him especially on the 5 hour ride home. She would stay on the floorboard if he came near her. This only lasted for that day. Her only other thing was sleeping arrangements. She sleeps on the bed with us and if he was on the bed she would stay away. I will inform you that they are now inseparable. The sleep together play together. She is even teaching him the things he needs to learn. Of course he is still a puppy of 4 months but learning everyday. In the car although I would have 2 kennels up they will sleep together in one instead of separate ones. So I would not worry at all.The more the merrier.
Brody and Lilly get along great (she's really the boss even though she's two years younger) play together, etc. It did change the dynamic in the house, games we used to play with only Brody don't work the same with two. Initially I was really careful to feed the separately until I knew that Brody would only eat her food and she was able to eat almost as fast as he does. He still has to check out her bowl when she's done to make sure she didn't leave anything and lick out any leftover kibble dust!


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