How does your corgi let you know he/she needs to go potty outside?
Charle is 6 m.o. What he does is he jumps at me, and looks me in the eye. Really rare he whines.

What about your corgi?

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That's just like Boscoe. He'll sit right in front of me or wherever he thinks he can make the best eye contact. If it's an emergency, then he whines and whines. My husband thinks that I am just spoiling him and letting him get his way and that he doesn't really have to go but I can tell by the look in his eyes (I know that sounds weird) that he really has to go and everytime, he goes.
Bugg will sit and stare at me in the middle of the room. I'll stay "Gotta go outside?" and if he really has to go...he'll run to the front door and stare at me some more. My old Corgi did practically the same thing.
YEAH! It's that key word! 'Cause I always say "wanna go outside?" and once he hears that 'outside' part he runs to his leash, then to me, then to the leash, then to me....etc.....until the distance between the two objects closes.
Kirby will either run around really fast (usually when he has to poop), or he'll lay by the door and give a low woof. Cricket (5 month) will just sit in front of the door. We have to pay attention and see her go to the door. Haven't heard her bark by the door...yet.

We would like to try out the bell. What's the best way to train them to ring it to go out? Thanks!
Theo is really good at communicating what he needs. When he needs to go to the bathroom his looks me right in the eye with an expression of slight exasperation and let out a soft and pathetic whimper. It just screams "mommy, I have to potty!" If I ask him "Theo, do you need to go out?", he'll bark the affirmative.
Eero will body check the door with his side like a football player.
What they are supposed to go outside to potty.
LOL! Yeah really. You mean they're not supposed to just go wherever on the carpet? ;)
My 11 month old Ein will sit by the door and look at you until you notice. When he's really gotta go, he whines.
Sandy will *bink* us on our legs with her nose to go pee and howl when she has to poo. The poo-howls are consistent. It's pretty funny!
That's nice to have that kind of differentiation! :)
Ed will start jumping at the door if he really has to go. Otherwise, he will sit next to the door and stare at us.
Ein will occassionally whine when he has to go (especially at night when we are sleeping-he still can't hold it the entire night sometimes...) Otherwise he will just keep rotating between our patio door and the stairs that lead to the lower walkout until we say "Do you need to go outside?' Then he gets all excited until we let him out.


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