How does your corgi let you know he/she needs to go potty outside?
Charle is 6 m.o. What he does is he jumps at me, and looks me in the eye. Really rare he whines.

What about your corgi?

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Tucker hasn't told us that he needs to go yet - we've only had him for 2 weeks though. We try to stay consistent with a schedule - we walk first thing in the morning and on a work day whoever leaves for work last takes him out in the yard. After work we go for another walk and then he gets pre-bedtime potty break. He gets an extra break mid-day when we are home. It would be nice to have a way to communicate when he has to go though - we have to work on that. I think the bells are a great idea but they would probably just become a cat toy so we will have to come up with something else.

At 10 months old I think he has a bladder of steel. He seems to save it all up for the walks so he can mark some trees! He will go when we take him out in the yard to satisfy our request for him to go potty but he barely goes - I think he enjoys marking on our walks too much to waste any ammo. I decide where he is and isn't allowed to mark so I figure it is ok - maybe he will change a bit after he gets fixed next week. He also saves his poo for the walks and seems to go in the same places - at least he is predictable.
We have a doggy door and initially Archie would not go through it but Reggie would, eventually after not making a big thing of it, Archie has now mastered the door and they both go in and out as they please, only drawback is that the door is very very noisey!
Spartan will sit or lay in front of the door looking at me. Sometimes he will scratch the door when he has to go potty. I just started training him to ring the bell I have on the door to let me know cuz, I found it hard to know if I can't see him.
Eowyn usually stares at you and makes little whining noises or she'll run to the backdoor and back to you, still making her little whining/growly noises. :-)


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