My grandparents got a Chihuahua 3 years ago. Her name is Sassy, and she's the spoiled rotten queen of the house. Sadly, she HATES the new puppy. Mischa only wants to play (by goosing Sassy in the butt :\), but Sassy either runs, hides in Grandpa's lap or snarls at her. I think she actually bit her once. Is there a way to get the two to get along better?

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I think that'll just have to come in time. Sassy sounds like she's trying to tell Mischa she doesn't like thay kinda play.
I have a 8yr lab that offers Teagen 6 wk pup total avoidance and growls lighly when she starts biting or barking at him he then will get up and move. However my 2 yr old Jordan & her play & play. Cody & Jordan play together the same as Teagen & Jordan. So It'll just take time. When she's bigger & older I'm positive they play to


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