Hi everyone. I just got my first corgi pup yesterday! So excited and he is adorable! This is my first time training a dog so I could definitely use some advice. 

First of all, he hates his crate. I know I just got him yesterday, but boy did he cry. I put him in a few times throughout the day, but when it was time for bed he had to of cried for at least 30 minutes. Jumping into the side of the crate and just throwing a fit. He finally quieted down and slept through the night in it, but he hates being in there. He is very restless and moves around a lot. He prefers to sleep under the coffee table. Should I be putting him in the crate any time I see him napping or just let him sleep in his favorite spot?

Secondly, he doesn't seem interested in treats after I take him out to go potty. I can hardly tell when he actually pees cause he is so low to the ground and he doesn't lift his leg, but I think I am starting to be able to tell when he goes. I bring him down and say "Potty" several times in a happy tone and eventually he stops in one spot for a few seconds being very still and goes. To be sure I lift him up and see if his little pee pee hair is wet. lol The problem is he isn't interested in treats after he pees. I am trying to give him positive reinforcement but he seems to be more interested on whats going on outside then the treat. He eats them in the house but just doesn't seem to care outside. 

The last thing I am concerned about it the fact that he doesn't seem to be eating. I picked him up around 3 pm yesterday and I'm assuming he ate at the breeders, but all night he wouldn't touch his food. He ate a few little pieces of treats I broke down but that was it. I figured he would be really hungry today, but he only had a few bites and that was after I took the food out of his bowl and put it on the floor next to him. I am feeding him what the breeder was giving him with a little of my new food mixed in. Is it normal that he isn't hungry? I would say it might be the bowl but it has no problem drinking water from his other bowl (It is exactly the same). 


Just wanted to let everyone know Pancake is doing great! He is almost 3.5 months old and 15 pounds. He is very playful and loves people. He almost always eats all 3 of his meals (1/3 cup, 3 times a day) and drinks plenty of water. He is about to start a puppy class on Sunday, but I have a feeling he is going to be a great pupil because he is so smart! He knows a lot of stuff already, but I thought the class would be great for the both of us. One characteristic of Pancake that is so funny is that he is a big chicken! He is afraid of just about anything. When he is scared he runs to me and climbs up in my lap cause he knows I will keep him safe. I went on vacation for about 4 days while my aunt watched him. He was so well-behaved, but you could tell me missed me. When I came to pick him up, he was outside with my aunt and as soon as he saw me he made a mad dash to me and gave me lots of kisses. Wouldn't leave my side for the next few days. lol His ears don't really want to stay up. I am on my second round of taping. After the first round both ears stayed up for about 2 days before dropping. He has one ear that is stronger then the other but when I went on vacation they both dropped almost the whole week. Of course when I picked him up he had his happy ear back .lol I can tell he really loves me which is great because I love him too. :D I am glad we have bonded so well.

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Most breeders have some kind of stipulation in the contract that required a vet check within a given period of time, so you need to check that paperwork. I didn't realize you were not home with him yet. How long will it be before you are home?

Oh no I have him. Sorry if that is confusing. I live in Gainesville in an apartment, but I went back to my home town in Jacksonville (About an 1 hr 1/2 away) to visit for the week. I picked him up from the breeders outside of Gainesville and the next day drove to Jacksonville with the little guy. I will be back in Gainesville on Monday though.

Gotcha. Well, at this point if he seems well and there were no stipulations in the purchase contract, I would probably wait and take him as soon as you get back home. Expect him to backslide a little next week when you go home, because to him you are 'home' now and he'll think he's moving again. This is why everyone keeps talking about consistency. Environment is a big part of that and any changes will cause him to be a little confused.

Yeah I was a little worried about that, but I had to come back to see my grandma and the breeder said he was ready to go home. 


Pancake has been doing great! He has had very few accidents in the house after the first day. He seems to understand the potty command because every time I walk outside with him and say it he pees. He doesn't listen to anything else I say though when I am outside. Even commands he is starting to get like come he completely ignores once we are outside. If I bring him back in he will listen again. I guess he just can't focus. 

Something that I thought was a little strange was that he refuses to go on walks too. I am trying to get used to it but I have to tug the leech to make him move and I don't want to do that and choke him. He just sits on the sidewalk or tries to go back toward the house. I have to pick him up and carry him down the sidewalk some and walk back towards the house for him to move. He seems really scared outside for whatever reason. 

He is still not eating much by the way. I have been trying to feed him 1 1/4 cups of food as it says on my dog food bag. I am feeding him wellness for puppies, but he barely eats 2/3 of food a day. I try to get him to eat in the morning but he only takes a few bites. Then he will randomly take a bit every few hours. I take the food back by 10 pm and don't give him anymore until he wakes him again in the morning. Its kinda weird because he was the biggest one of the litter and the breeder said he was eating 3 times a day, but he doesn't seem to want to eat much. I am mixing the puppy chow the breeder had him on with the wellness but doesn't really seem to prefer either of them. 

Another question. (Sorry I have a lot of them. lol) I have been putting him to bed by 11 pm. And I usually take him out right before that. And then again before I go to bed a few hours later. He tends to wake me up some time in the night around 6 am or 7 am and I take him out again before finally getting up for good at 11 am. It seems like a lot of sleep to me though. He always falls back to sleep though after a few minutes of being back in his crate. Should I alter his sleeping habits or wake up earlier? I love my sleep and I love to stay up late so it would be inconvenient for me. I usually play video games in my room while he sleeps in his pin at night cause I have to watch him all day. 

That sounds like a lot of food for a puppy to eat. Usually bag recommendations are higher than needed.  Puppies sleep a lot. They have two settings: On and Off. He won't be able to last 12 hours in a crate without pottying, so don't expect that. Even as an adult, 12 hours is a long time. Eight is reasonable to expect from an adult dog. For now, it will just gradually increase as far as how long he can go. Sounds to me like he's lasting a lot longer than most puppies do! If he's learning the 'potty' commands now, be thrilled and don't rush the other stuff. They are like toddlers and ten minutes of concentration on anything is a great accomplishment. After you get him home and settled and checked out, then start looking into puppy obedience classes. They will show you how to teach him the proper commands in ways he will understand, plus it will really help socialize him. The best way to get him used to coming along with you on the leash is to let him drag the leash around inside the house a while, then attach it to your waist in the house. He'll start understanding how it works, then won't be afraid of it outside. Also, beware that when they are little they follow you easily, lulling you into a false sense of security. Then at about 12 -16 weeks, they start playing their favorite game of all time: "Catch the Corgi". They will let you get just close enough to think you have them, then run in an effort to get you to chase them. There are some other threads on this board about that and how to remedy it. They helped me a lot with my Kadi when she started playing that game!

Thanks for all the info.I won't sweat the food as much then. And I will definitely try out your leash method and let you know how it goes. I knew he couldn't last the whole night, but wasn't sure if I was taking him out too much or if I was expecting him to sleep more then he should be. Glad to see everything is fine though. :D He is a smart little guy. He is learning quickly which has be thrilled. When I first took him outside to potty he had no idea what to do and immediately peed in the house after being out for 10 minutes. Now he goes like a pro as soon as I put him in the grass. And this catch the corgi game sounds exhausting. lol Can't wait for that to start. :P

I will look into it, but not sure if I can afford it depending on the cost. I remember Petsmart told me about their classes. Do you think thats a good place or should I look else where?

Petsmart varies from one place to another. Ask your vet who they recommend. When we took our Newfie, the vet clinic we used at the time actually had someone that did puppy classes right there in the clinic. It worked great for us. Generally speaking, obedience classes aren't costly. Most dog training clubs offer them and the people who teach them usually volunteer and the fees are minimal.

wow...this makes me very excited yet anxious to get my pup next week! but all of the comments and your questions have been of most help! ty!

Glad its helpful to someone else as well. Pancake was all I talked about for like 2 weeks before finally getting him. :D Do you have a name yet?

YUP! the lady called him Butch for what ever reason...but I named him Juno so she's been calling him that since then. Knowing that he's coming home soon is the driving force to get me through my week. I wish it was next week already!!!! I'm sure he'll be the only thing I'm talking about once i get him...but also because i'll probably be one of those worrysome owners. He'll be my first dog/pup. =D

Growing up we always had dogs but never crated them.  Poopdeck seemed like he was all legs when it came to putting him in the crate at night.  However,  putting a treat in the crate has worked wonders!  He is nearly three and he runs to his crate and hops in after his goodnight pee.  Keep in mind they are hard headed and can be exasperating; keep the faith!!  One of my failings were as he started to act like an big boy and I forgot he was still a pup.  Keep in mind his age and limit his boundaries, don't trust too soon;it will only end up in disappointment.  I am glad you found this site as there are bunch of people with a vast amount of knowledge!  It has surely helped me.


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