Puppy Biting-- how to stop him and other people allowing him.

I picked Tobias up a week ago, and since then he has met many people, including children and adults of different ages and sizes. I really want him to be well socialized, but there's one problem: everyone he meets thinks its cute to let him bite! My dad just roughs with him, my mom smothers him, and strangers just say "oh well you're so cute, and just a baby". One woman even let him bite her face, to be fair I told her NOT to pick him up, but she insisted that she loved puppies and didnt mind after I already asked her to please put him down. He gets nervous when picked up and prefers to be pet rather than smothered. He has been great with children, though he almost nipped a toddler that was trying to attack him (I grabbed the child before and took the bite in the arm). The boy had never seen a puppy and was excited and kept trying to grab him, so the two were separated. I feel mean telling strangers and friends and family that they can't play with him unless they tell him NO or to walk away when he starts biting. When he is home he thinks it's okay to bite me, my boyfriend and the cat. The vet suggested the "nothing in life is free" method, but so far IM having a hard time walking away, as I am frustrated with him and would prefer to just tell him NO and hope it stops. I think I just need a little encouragement, I really want Toby to be a good dog. He's only 9 weeks, so I have plenty of time, but to save my face (he has a thing for faces!) I'd like to get him to stop ASAP!

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Dana, most puppies are too busy to be affectionate, give him time to grow and settle. Frustration comes from not knowing what to do. Your instincts are right, he cannot be allowed to interact with people this way, as habits form very early.  Remember he has been relating to Mom and litter-mates with his mouth.  They all liked this way of interacting which comes natural to dogs.  Now he has to learn people don't like it and have thin, sensitive skin.  This is why rough-housing is a bad idea, it encourages pups  to use feet and mouth to interact with humans, so sends the wrong message and is confusing when you are trying to teach him to be gentle.  Your frustration will subside as you become clear on a course of action and start to see the results.  Have fun with the process, they grow so fast!


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