I'm a paranoid new mom. I just need advice, either way, to see if Freya is ok.

She seems to breathe hard in her sleep. She pants during the day but I think that might be because it's been unseasonably warm. Should I take her to the vet ASAP?

I've scheduled my vet to check her on Monday.

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Bugg does the same thing. For the most part, I think it's just the combination of being a puppy and the warmer temperatures here in South Florida.
Heh, yeah I've scoured the internet for information. I've called both the breeder and the vet--gah--paranoid mom syndrome.
I do have greenish yellowish gunk coming out of her eyes though. I'm hoping it's...well really I don't want it to be allergies. Our Weimaraner is allergic to all foods except for Avoderm in petsmart. I don't want that to be the case for her too. But I don't want her to be sick either--course I suppose the stress could bring it on faster.

Bah--if I"m like this with a puppy, I hate to see what I"m like when I have my first child.
This is totally a puppy thing. Theo did the same thing when he was younger. And I freaked out as well until my husband told me it was nothing to worry about. Now that he's older (he's a year old now), he breaths normally.


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