I've been researching like crazy this past week on Canine Viral Papillomas. We took Tobi in last week after we found a couple spots on his paws. They were starting to bother him quite a bit. Even our Vet had to consult with a colleague and check up on research to see that it was indeed ... Puppy Warts. He advised us to keep them wrapped with Triple Antibiotic and if they got worse, Tobi would have to come in to get them removed.

Before we take that step, I wanted to check in with you all MyCorgi-ers. Have any of you experienced warts on your fuzzy one's paws? Any suggestions of treatment before we take any drastic measures?

Thanks for your help! And belly rubs for our Corgi Children. :-)

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Not on her paws, but Kaylee got a few around her mouth. It looked nasty, but didn't bother her and went away in around a month.

I've noticed this white bump on the side of his tongue over the past 2-3 days and tonight I had a chance to check it a bit closer.  It does not seem to bother him but it does seem to be Papilloma, but I can't see better inside his mouth and I'm worried it could spread.   

He's due for his booster shot soon but I'm trying to get him in the vet a.s.a.p. to have it checked.

Any advise you would have to boost his immune system in his diet, or just to stop giving him rawhides and chews in the mean time????

This is what it looks like but he only has one on the side.



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