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I got to thinking about Johann and wondering if his littermates and their owners have accounts on MyCorgi, but there's no way to really know.  Is there some kind of database, perhaps regulated by the AKC, where people who have registered their dogs can add photos or contact info?  For example, Johann's mother's AKC reg. name is Princess Emily.  Could people with pups from her litter login and see if anyone else with pups from her litter has uploaded anything?  I guess I'm thinking something along the lines of an Ancestry.com thing but for dogs (lol)


Seems silly to ask, I know, but it would be awesome if there were such a thing!  I want to know what Johann's littermates are like!

Thanks :P

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I've never heard of a dog database that included owners, most like that are centered around show dogs and their pedigrees but those may or may not have enough info to contact the dog's owner.   If you have contact with Johann's breeder you might ask if she'd pass your e-mail address on to the owners of his litter mates. 

With my old pals Watson & Tinsel I was able to keep in touch - and still do - with the owners of their sister Mistletoe but the other sister named Holly has not been heard from in a few years.  It turned out that my previous two and their siblings are Gromit's great-aunts and uncle.  It is fun to keep in touch with "kinfolk" and compare stories of habits, quirks, and changes in appearance but without the help of the breeder I think it would be pretty difficult to track down and contact the hoomans involved..

Hi Jessica, if you create a group with the name of kennel, other owners will see and possibly join you.
There is something similar to this for cardigans but I haven't seen one for pems.  http://www.cardiped.net/


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