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Well my dear little Butters have developed some anxiety issues.  Which is rather strange because it's just creeped up in the last few months.  I've only noticed it during thunderstorms, video game playing, vet trips, and car trips.  It's a very heavy shaking and heavy panting.  Yesterday, while at the vet, they noticed it as well and said her heart was racing.  My poor baby.  Well, the problem is I'm getting ready to do some traveling with her and I'm getting a bit nervous.  Before she loved car trips, but now if I crate her she cries and shakes or if I leave her in a seat but restrained she attempts to jump, cry, and shake. I have a 4 hour car trip one day, followed by a 5 1/2 hour flight the next. The vet said I could try Benadryl for the anxiety because it just makes them sleepy.  She and I both agreed not to use anything more serious because she's not destructive and not being able to monitor her fully would be too dangerous.  I'm curious if anybody else has ever used the benadryl trick?  She said I could give her 25 mg.  I'm wondering if there is a children's Benadryl if I should use that or just use the adults.  And should I give her the liquid or the pill?  Any opinions are welcome!  Thanks so much!   

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Okay I'm definitely going to need one of these collars.  And the thundershirt.  Sounds like I'm making a trip to Petsmart tomorrow before the fireworks begin! :)

I've tried Bandryl without a lot of success, but I have had tons of success with Rescue Remedy Herbal calming drops on both my dogs(I use the alchohol free pet formula) and I have also used a Thunder Shirt. My boy Brady gets tense when we travel in the car and the Rescue Remedy on a cookie a half hour before we hit the road makes it so he can relax and sleep, and my girl Summer is terrified of thunder and fire works, she runs around the house frantically looking for a place to escape the loud noises, the Thunder Shirt calms her enough that she'll lay quiety in her cave under the end table, and if I know there's going to be big boomers(tomorrow will be one of those days) she also gets Rescue Remedy before she gets too frantic.




Yeah, I will not be trying the Benadryl again unless she has some sort of allergic reaction.  Now where do you buy the Rescue Remedy Herbal drops?

Chewey is also terrified of fireworks (poor guy, they've been going off randomly for the last week).   I didn't have much success with the calming collar on him but I tried out a thunder shirt last year and it seemed to help considerably.   Or at least he went from hiding under the bed or in the shower to finding a spot in the same room we were in, so that was progress.

I'll definitely put it on him tomorrow aft/evening before the real celebrations start.     I haven't done it yet only because they've been so sporadic and unpredictable (and it's been fairly warm here).

Oh, I'm already dreading tomorrow!  I want to buy a thundershirt for her.  I wonder if I can find one before tomorrow! 

Benedryl should not be used as a sleeping aid, incorrect dosage may result in opposite effect, please read the side effects and make an inform decision. 

Thanks Sam! :)  I will not be using it again unless she has some sort of allergy.  I was hesitant to try it, but it was my vet who recommended it.  I should have just gone with my gut instinct!  I'm gonna go ahead and try some of the above natural remedies that the other members are recommending.  

You can get a Thunder Shirt at many pet supply store(I got mine at a Pet Supplies Plus), and you can often find Rescue Remedy at the health food store, I found it at a Whole Foods in Lexington, KY. the first time I picked it up, they also have it in the KV Vet catalogue. There are many different herbal calming drops you can get for your pets, I personaly prefer Rescue Remedy because you don't have to  give it continously for it to work. Good Luck.


Thunder Shirt did not work for Brandy, and she is currently on Benadryl for allergies, 25mg x 2 per day per vet's instruction. It does not make her sleepy at all. I bought the collar, but have not used it since she's been going to doggy day care. The instruction on the collar says not to use with multiple dogs, unless they all have them on.  They said that other dogs will be too interested in yours if yours was the only one wearing it.  We have diffuser by her cage and that seems to be working a bit better.  Brandy has separation/confinment anxiety.  She was fine with fireworks, thank goodness.  Hope something works for you.  All the dogs are different, so you just have to keep on trying until you find one that works for you.  :) 


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