How you doing im new and I just got a 2 months old Welsh Corgi and i have to say ive never been so happy.
Anyways i was asking what is the best to feed him. I have been giving him Purina Puppy Chow because the breeder was feeding him that so id figure i would. Well i heard that its not a very good dog food and i want to feed my lil Romeo the best. So if anybody can help me thatd be great. Thanks

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2 weeks old?
hmmm im not sure a 2 week old i figured might still be drinking milk? did you mean 2 month old?
Edit. I fixed, sorry..... typo >./body>
I feed my corgi Canidae, All Life Stages.

Here's a forum that relates to your question:
Yes to Canidae or Wellness.
Sidney has been on Super 5 chicken but now we are going to see how he likes the Super 5 lamb.
I had mine on Wellness since he was about 6 months old and he never really was excited about meal times. He would eventually eat but usually only once a day (I feed him twice a day) and sometimes he would skip days altogether. I just switched him to Blue Buffalo and he LOVES it. He follows me around, barking and jumping around when he sees me with his food bowl. Wellness is a great food, Dax is healthy, shiny, and very energetic (maybe too energetic). Blue Buffalo I don't think is quite as good as Wellness, but it's still a great food and what good does a food do if the dog won't eat it? You can pretty much stay away from anything you can buy in a grocery store. Dax's breeder had him on Purina Puppy Chow also and I switched him off of that asap. Petco/PetSmart has a few good foods, they sell Wellness(Petco does, I don't think PetSmart does) and Blue Buffalo, but a lot of the other foods they sell aren't that great either. Just check your ingredients and do some research online and on here, that's how I decided. Good luck, I'm sure you'll find one that works for you and congrats on your new pup, he's adorable!
I also give my dogs Blue Buffalo, its been very good for them. Their coats are always shiny, everyone always ask me, what kind of dog food do I give them.
I would be careful with the Canadae. There have been some problems since they changed their formula. It doesn't agree with a lot of dogs. Both my dogs and my coworker's dogs got sick. His one dog got so sick they thought he was going to die. He's better now, and so are my dogs, but I changed their food as soon as I found all this out.
Thanks for all your help :-D
Kiwi is on Innova Adult Small Bites, it is one of the higher calorie foods, but she only gets 1/3 a cup in the am and in the pm. We also have been mixing in about 1/2-1 tbsp of NONFAT PLAIN yogurt since she was 8 weeks old. When she was a pup we had her on Eukanuba puppy b/c that's what the breeder had her on, Innova is much better. Good luck!
Hi, if it wasn't for the fact Molly was allergic to Innova that is what she would be on. When you switch him over make sure you go about it gradually and maybe even ask your vet for a conversion formula so it doesn't upset his tummy. When you choose the food read the ingredients, you will be looking for meat's first, if you read Purina Puppy Chow you will see that corn is listed first, this is just a filler and has very little nutritional value. Good luck, Romeo is a beautiful little tri.


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