So I always thought my sweet Penelope was a Pembroke until I went to bring her to get her shots and the vet said that she was a Cardigan because she had a tail. The woman that I got her from told me that she chose not to dock Penelope and her siblings' tails. She said something about it becoming more popular nowadays. Now I'm totally confused? 


I know some Pembrokes are born without tails and most who do have tails get them docked. What do you guys think Penelope is? To me, it doesn't matter because she's still my adorable little corgi, but I just wanted to hear some insight.


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She looks Pemmie to me, too, and I LOVE her tail!  She's adorable.

The ears and snout seem to point to pembroke
she def is a pembroke! she has the same sweet face as my lillie!!
She looks like a Pembroke without a docked tail; telling from her angular and skinner head and the shorter legs. Based on what everyone else has said you should listen to your breeder because she would for sure know her own litter of pups!

I LOVE her tail! She's absolutely adorable.  I love the short tails, especially when they try to "wag" them... but her tail is amazingly perfect.


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