Lola's paw pads got raw a few weeks ago when we were at a friends house at their pool. She got in the water a few times & then would run around the perimeter of the pool a bunch of times. We noticed the next day she was limping on her leg & kept licking the area. So we didn't take her on any walks & let her heal...

Then I took her on an hour walk w/me today, let her get in some water & her paw is even worse than it was a few weeks ago!! I attached 2 pictures... should I get her some ointment, call the vet, let it heal on it's own?? It doesn't seem to hurt her, but I don't want it to get infected. Any advice would be great, thanks!!

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Think you shld get her some ointment to prevent any infection. At the same time, the wound must be kept dry and no licking.
I had a female who did this from chasing a ball down the drive and sliding on her back paws to a sliding halt. She tore her rear pads up and were bleeding and looks just like your girls. I cleaned the pads and put some ointment on them and took bandaging and wrapped them up and then put baby socks over that to add some cushion and wrapped that in some vet wrapped so she wouldn't slip. I did that for a few days w/nothing on them at night to air out while she slept. After keeping them wrapped a couple of days I left them unwrapped but only on the grass and soft areas. She was fine and healed right up.
What kind of ointment? Would neosporin work or is there doggie ointment?
Yes..neosporin is what I used but because of her sliding I cleaned out w/water and soap and peroxide to get the little gravel out and anything else a dog can walk through.
Perfect! I have all that here, thanks so much :)
I used neosporin on Lance too with bandages and his raw paw pad healed within a few days. I cleaned it everyday, just to make sure there was no dirt in it -- as to prevent infection. I also reduced his activity until it healed --- those concrete sidewalks can be hell --lol
Good Luck with Lola (love the name by the way) --- she will heal just fine!!!


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