Is this a corgi thing?
Atlas has some troubles finding playmates at the park, he loves to play so rough and make so much noise it scares a lot of the other dogs. A dog will walk up to him, they sniff and wag tails, then Atlas likes to play bow and let out big barks and growls, this usually scares most other dogs.
Yesterday he finally found some big pitbull/rhodesian mix that wasn't scared of his noises, I had to reassurel the owner that my dog was just fine and loves to play rough with the big guys.

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Yup that's Ella too, no warning just there. She is all play and no talk.
Oh I can relate. My little 20lb Ella, sissy dog about everything, is a rough player. Her friend Bogey is a bison frise, and a bit larger than her and she can hold her own. She loves to tackle, herd, pounce, nip, and just grab him and roll. I swear it looks like two wrestlers or a dog fight. They never hurt each other, just nibble not bite, but if someone didn't know better they would think these two hate each other. After they play for 10 minutes they will lay next to each other and just massively pant, two minutes goes by and they will look at each other and it's on again. The other day a little puppy (some kind of beagle) was trying to sniff Ella and she wanted to pounce on it and play. Well the little thing was maybe a 1 or 2 lbs if that, so she got mad when I wouldn't let her play.


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