I posted picks of newborns a couple weeks ago, now I have updated pics of them at 3 1/2 weeks.  What is your opinion know as to what color they will be.  I am trying to learn how to tell the difference between the two.   Can you explain why you say what you say.  They seem to have alot of dark, black on them.   The mom was a red headed tri, dad is a black headed tri.  But there is red/white and sable in the line.

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sorry somehow i posted this in wrong category, i reposted it again in the correct one


First pic - red/white

Second pic - two puppies in the front are red/white, the one in the back is a tri (can't tell RHT or BHT without seeing the face/ears).

True sables usually have a "monks cap", or a dark area on the top of the head. http://pwcca.org/colors_SW.html It's possible the red pups may keep some shading on the face or a sprinkling of sabling along their back, but that is impossible to tell at this age.


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