Hi everyone!  I want to buy Ella a new retractable leash but I want to make sure I get a good one this time.  I've only had mine about 7 months and already the clasp has broken.  I wondered if any of you who use these type of leashes would have a recommendation?  Thanks for your advice!

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Flexi-Lead brand.  I've had mine for more years than I remember....of course it could have been "chepefied" by now, but that's what I would try.

Thank you, Anna!  I'll look into those.  :)

I've read that using a retractable leash encourages pulling... it makes sense too, since by pulling on the retractable leash, they get to go further - so they are getting rewarded for pulling ahead. Does that happen to you at all?

Janna, you are right, the retractable leash is not a substitute for a 6 ft. leash and is meant to work in different circumstances.  When it is important that the dog walk fairly close to you, the dog needs to learn to do this without any pulling. The retractable leash works well in all those circumstances where you feel the dog can be given more freedom to explore ( mine extends 16 ft.) while still keeping the dog safe.  I would not use it with a dog who actively pulls on a 6ft.leash, I would do some training first. Like anything else, the retractable leash is a tool you need to both get used to and this may take a little time. Try it first in easy surroundings. You cannot retract the leash by pulling on the dog, this is counter intuitive.  You need to extend your arm out toward the dog and create enough slack so some of the line will retract, then press to lock and repeat.  It's not hard, but it's a learned skill you just need to get a feel for with an actual leash and dog in play.....A limitation of the retractable leash is that it will not work  if you are walking more than one dog at a time (the lines will get tangled).

  I would also not recommend getting a cheap one, If the line breaks, you now have a loose dog.  The last observation is don't give a young child a retractable leash.  If it gets pulled out of their hand, which is not hard because the grip is bulky, it will be dragged behind the dog, making  a racket and frightening the dog as he tries to get away from this noisy thing he's dragging.  This can be dangerous.  In general, I like to teach my dogs the word wait ( which stops them in their tracks ) and I use that if I accidentally drop a leash.  Just good insurance...

Ella definately pulls but it seems easier to manage on a retractable leash than a regular one.  I know I have to work with her on her pulling.. I just have to make the time to train her.  I finally taught her "Sit" so we are moving slow but she is smart and I know she could be trained to "walk nice".  That's the command I used with my lab who was also a puller.

I've seen the leash part of a flexi-lead snap right out of the handle so I won't use them personally. This was on maybe a 10 lb dog too. If she has issues with pulling I'd just get a regular 6' leash.


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