Reagan, my red headed-tri, has managed to rupture his ACL. It's completely torn.

Has anyone had experience with this? He's due for surgery on Thursday.

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How did the surgery go?

As Carolyn predicted, I'm a wreck,

Reagan is doing well, though. He bled into his skin a lot and he is very tender, but we're icing and he's resting, so it's all good.

Seanna had a huge seroma after hers.  It was no big deal, it went away.  Seanna hated the ice, but loved the heat.  We had issues at first getting her to lie still for the ice, but some peanut butter did the trick.  :-)  How was the meniscus?'ll get better.  It's so difficult to see them looking so sad though.  I took a few photos of her leg and my poor baby with the cone on her head in her crate.  I can't bear to look at them now, it was such a traumatic thing for both of us.  I'm glad Reagan is doing well.  Give him the Royal treatment and lots of kisses!  :)   (from all of us)

How is Reagan doing?


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