So, my 3 year old corgi has been itching like CRAZY!  She doesn't have fleas; I check her everyday.  Could it be allergies?  We live in FL and the pollen has been bad this year.  This has been going on for about a month.

She has a bunch of scabs all over from chewing at her itchy spots...should I take her to the vet?  Have any of you had this experience?

I'm just worried about my baby.  Any advice/thoughts you can offer?

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You should have her checked to make sure she doesn't have mange.
Tell us what you've done so far, like when was the last bath and groom, places on her body that you've checked so far, how big are the scabs, chew time of the day, temperature, where does she hang out, back yard condition...etc.
Her last bath was a week ago. She was rinsed very well. I have checked her for fleas on her back, near her butt, where I have found them before. I check each spot that she gnaws on. The scabs are small, but there are patches of them near her butt and on her lower back where she can get to. The chewing is worse at night, but she itches and bites frequently. Ourmale dog is having issues, too, but not as bad. Both dogs are crated when we are at work. Our backyard has grass, ferns and some bushes. There is a dirt area, too.

I have been using some pet fresh vacuum powder on the couch and carpet...maybe that has something to do with it? We have given her benadryl a few nights because sometimes she keeps us awake with all the scratching.

I don't think she has mange because she isn't losing any patches of hair where you can see skin.

Hope this helps...thank you for your feedback.
ic, when you vacuum, make sure you dispose the bag afterwards immediately, fleas and mites can come back out, they can migrate from one dog to another, wash all fabric that they come in contact with, use a hot steamer on furniture. Use a gentle shampoo that don't strip their natural oil easily, I personally use baby shampoo. After rinsing, dry them properly, especially the moisture around the scabs area, cold blow dry the area if you need to. When we lived in CFL, we like to put an extra tea spoon of oil in their food, since the dogs stay in central AC all day, skin gets dry easily. Stay out of the tall grassy area for now.

two years ago Mocha had a quarter size scab and we've ruled out fleas and already taken rx, so we went the extreme route and shaved that scab area 1cm larger than its original size, exposing the scab, air dried it, applied cortisone spray periodically and that fixed it. Yes it looked terrible and it took 6 months for the patch to grow back, but he no longer chew or scratch the area. Hope that helps.
Using the pet fresh vacuum powder on the carpet and furniture could be the culprit. I had a dog highly allergic to that. She would chew her paws raw. Give your carpet and furniture a good cleaning if you can, and use plain old baking soda on the carpet to freshen it. See if that helps any. You can give you dogs one Benedryl tablet to help ease the itching.
Our Lucky had scabs up and down his spine and it turned out to be allergies, unfortunately not just environmental but also to foods. I agree that the carpet powder could be the culprit for your baby, especially since both dogs are affected. Give the carpet a good cleaning to get rid of it, and good luck!
Yep, I'd ditch the carpet stuff. You can use plain baking soda. Another thing I do, and I think it's the only good use for a flea collar, is to put one in your vac bag! Tank is notorious for having butt scabs and nasty itching. He gets benedryl in the morning and evening (1mg/lb). Also we give him liquid nettle, which has helped. He's on Blue Wilderness, high protein and no grains. But the environmental allergies are still an issue.

Good luck to you!
We had this with Midas every year mid spring to early fall. It gets very bad in the summer if not taken care of. Midas gets to the point at times where we have to take him to the vet to get steroids. The vet has said it's just allergies and to give him a 10mg non drowsy 24hr off brand allergy pill. It doesn't completely rid of the itches but it does maintain it enough to where he won't give himself scabs. When on the pill he does drink a lot more and therefore pees a lot more. It works out well because we can take the same cheap allergy medicine! Hope that helps. But yes, I would take her to the vet to rule out any other skin problems. Oh yes, she also suggested to wipe him down with a damp cloth after every outing to get any pollen off his body. We also use a specific shampoo for allergies that we purchase at the vet.
Thanks to everyone for all the advice! I will stop the carpet powder and take them to the vet if it continues to be an issue. :)
We are in Florida also and Molly has been scratching like there is no tomorrow, she doesn't have any scabs....yet. When she had her annual check up they gave her a steroid, bad idea we took her off of it two days later (she started having accidents in the house which apparently normal but no one told us that). The vet said it was seasonal allergies and, if we ever get any rain, they should stop. We brought her back to the vet, she pulled her ACL, and they gave us a shampoo to use on her. We are going to try it this weekend. I'll keep you posted on the progress.


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