I might have written about this before, so if I have, I apologize, but we're having some issues w/Lola again.

She's almost 2 years old, pretty well behaved (knows basic commands, potty trained, doesn't chew up the house, ect.), but she's become extremely scared of certain objects/movements. When my husband or I kick off our shoes/slippers or even walk by her with them on, she runs the other direction, flinching, and sometimes makes a sort of snorting noise. She has tried to slowly take a bully stick or treat when I hand it to her, and then when it falls (because she doesn't actually have it in her mouth), she freaks out the same way she does with the shoes. Now she won't even come near me when I try to hand her a bully stick. She will also do this when we take her on a walk & the leash is near her face. Or, she'll also do it when the tv remote comes too close to her...

We've never hit her or thrown anything at her as discipline (we can throw a soft toy her direction & she's fine). I have no idea where this fear of these types of objects came from. She's always been wierd about feet/shoes, but it seems to have grown into something more. Not only is is annoying/embarassing for us, but I feel bad for her that she's always living in fear of everyday objects. Has anyone ever seen this type of behavior?? We're hoping to slowly get her used to these objects/actions, but I was hoping to get feedback from others with their experience... thanks all!!

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Thanks Cindi :) We both just feel bad for her since she seems to be constantly fearing something. It's not fair to her or us... We're doing our best to just kind of ignore the behavior (no consoling of any sort or even acknowledging the behavior) and then we're doing some training where she has to get treats off of the items that frighten her & then when she does it without hesitation, we praise her. I just hope it gets better!!


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