Milo was neutered last Friday (time flies!) and it took him about a day to realize he can use the edge of the plastic cone to scratch his stitches. Over the weekend I was able to watch him, but now that I'm back at work I'm worried he's going to do some damage with that harsh, plastic edge.

Have any of you had similar experiences? Any recommendations to keep a determined pup away from his stitches?


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What a smart dog!!  You can get the blow-up cones that go around his neck, they are smaller but work just as well from what I've heard.  They are itching because they're healing...

The cone is too short. He should not be able to reach the stitches with the end of the cone. Techs frequently give corgi cones that are too short because of their height. They do sell inflatable collars you can put on that will keep him from being able to reach the area, or they have stiff neck brace type collars as well. In the mean time I would take the cone in and exchange it for the next size up. 

Thanks! I'll give both of those a try and see how it goes.

the problem we had with a bigger cone was if Poodeck did not travel with his head high the cone would flop down and jam into the ground bringing him up short and he would create divots and fling dirt.  Or run into your shins with the hard plastic, man that sucked.  When I decide on a new addition we are going for the inflatable collar, that seems like the ticket!  By the way...I think your pup is scary smart, good luck!

Seanna would do that whenever she had to wear one.  If she didn't keep her head picked way up she'd hit the ground, stop short, and her rear end would come up off the ground.  As bad as I felt for her, I had to laugh because it was so funny to watch.

Yup, he did the same thing with the cone he has now. He seemed to get the hang of it after bonking into the carpet a couple times so hopefully he'll figure it out with a bigger one :)

Definitely get him the inflatable donut.

Thank you so much for the help! The vet swapped out his cone for a bigger size and it seems to have done the trick.


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