hmm.. I don't know if I've posted this discussion in the right section but here goes anyways..

I have been thinking about getting a second corgi (seriously this time!) for quite sometime now. I've actually found a breeder and made contact about the litter already! But before I go any further I wanted to find out from some other people what their experiences were like adding an additional corgi to the family. Scraper is a year and a half now and he gets so much attention from the entire family [ boyfriend, and parents] I don't know how he'll adjust to a new puppy in the household.

If some of you could let me know how your corgi took to a new puppy, how the two were introduced, and other things of that sort please let me know! Thanks =]

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By all means you need a second. I have had up to 4 at the same time, when I got my second corgie my first one was almost 7. and they were best of friends! Skunk( my first one) and I went together to get the new baby. he got to think he picked her out. And from the start all was well. by the time i got the third we had a car full of corgies. best way it worked out for us.


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