Dear All Corgi People,

We have two Tri Corgis,

Lori is a 8 year old female, and Riley a 2yr old Tri Male, that has just started w/ SEIZURES...w have gone  through 3 Vets in the last year, all have done the phenol Bar Level testing etc...each visit $300.00,

And all say the same thing,

We found a product on line called Nuroplex, has anyone heard o it?




Bob / Christi

Up all nite these days..




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I'm not familiar with Nuroplex.   What are the vets suggesting?   Where do Riley's phenobarbitol blood levels fall on the scale?   In your message you say your pup has had several seizures in the past few days.  How often does he normally have them?  Some dogs will continue to seize with meds, but the seizures should not come as often or last as long.

There are also other drugs you can try.  Have the vets suggested any of that?

If you are not having luck with regular vets, have you tried a neurologist?

I'm sorry Riley isn't doing as well as you'd like.   :-(      Remember that seizures are alarming but most of the time dogs with seizures can still have good quality of life, even if they still have some seizures.


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