Today I hiccuped several times... Butter ran over to me, put his pays on my knee and licked my face each time. He seemed very concerned so I told him "It's Okay" which usually calms him down. A few minutes later the hiccups started again and he ran into the kitchen, hid behind my husband and was visibly shaking...shaking so hard it was unbelievable. I tried hugging him and it didn't help. Eventually the hiccuping went (thank goodness for Butter) and I played vigorously with him to help burn off the adrenaline.

We have also seen him shake like that when my husband is snowblowing, when it is thundering.

Is this typical?

Also, we can't sneeze without freaking him out. He runs to the other part of the house and hides if we sneeze. We live in fear of what we are going to do with him if one of us gets a cold.

Even if I blow my nose he runs over and makes sure I am ok (I guess that is what he is doing).

He is almost 10...surely he would have been exposed to these human noises before (we adopted him about 1 year ago).

Strange, aye? Any insights? Joy and Butter

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PS This evening, after looking at me for awhile I was trying to play with him), Butter ran into the closet to hide. Very strange...the hiccuping really seems to have made a mark on him.
My dog Nick is around 5 years old now. I've had him for 2 years and he has always come up to people barking at them whenever they sneeze or cough loudly. Others in the forum have described similar behavior, some agressive barking and some scared or nervous. Seems to be something that is consistent with the breed. My dog also hates thunderstorms and vacuum cleaners and will run around barking. The only time he hid from a noise was when I changed the battery in the smoke alarm and it beeped. He took off in the other room for awhile and wouldn't come back out unless it was back on the wall and I petted him to calm him down. I'm sure that probably hurt his ears.... but a sneeze or a hiccup? Also, he comes up to me for reassurance when I *accidentally* blurt out something that could possibly be considered a curse word at the TV perhaps during a football game or newscast or a politician maybe. ;^) I don't think he understands the word, but he knows the tone of voice and he assumes I am upset with him, so I have to convince him I'm not. So now I have to watch my language in my home with only me and the dog there. Crazy, huh?
That's kinda funny...your own little Corgi censor...good for Nick; he'll keep you clean!
LO comes up to me when I sneeze.
Butter runs far away from me when I sneeze...and hangs out with my husband.
Hi! When we got a new toaster Lance didnt like the new sound of the toaster, he got all worked up running towards it and barking, like something was wrong! The sound was pretty loud compared to the old one. I have heard that corgis get like that over noises, oh and definately doesnt like the smoke alarm battery beeping low battery or the smoke alarms going of in the house...when something on the oven is burning, gets all worked up, barking.
Ein always get worried when I make "strange" sounds, like sneezing and hicups. He usually licks me and makes sure that I am ok.
Thanks everyone...I guess Butter is not so strange after all. I made the "mistake" of semi-hiccuping once before I went to bed. Oh no, I comes another shaking episode. Well he did slide of his bed and watched me for a long time but thankfully we were both able to get to sleep!!


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