Hi everyone!

So little Chiba is about 15 weeks now and she still doesn't really shed.  Corgis are well known for their massive amounts of shedding, so I was wondering if anyone would like to share around what age their corgi started shedding.  I have a Pembroke if that matters (I have no knowledge on Cardigans).  I'm about to get a Dyson vacuum as a present to myself for my birthday haha, so I'm not quite sure which one to get.


-Bella and Chiba

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Timbit was 5 months. He started on valentines day so we joked it was his gift to us. We did get a Dyson because of the fur and it helps immensely! They have an attachment that you brush them with and it vacuums the fur at the same time. You may want to try a Furminator. It's a comb that helps thin their coat and works very well. Gets a good grip on their undercoat. Helps to get rid of most loose fur before it ends up all over.


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