Well as if I don't have enough on my mind about mollie, and worrying what and where she will be going and if she will be happy. Sir Ollie, some how got a hold of a pack of tylendol tablets. He chew a half one up.We call the eremgency vet line and they call back and said give him a half cup proxide and get him to throw-up, and then give him some milk and egg. So we did and he threwup and up and up. So I hope he now will be alright. I think my daughter might have lost the packet out of her purse. So it just go to show you that you really have to watch your little ones.

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So glad to hear that he's okay!

Thank you it really scare me. Mt corgi's mean so much to me. There like my childern and that is why I'm having such ahard time with having to fine a forever home for Mollie. But to keep then both save and injury free that is what I'm going to have to do. I'm just glad I found the pack of pills and send what it was, cause I had just told my husband Ollie wasn't acting right. When I found them I imediately call our vet er. no. and wait for there call back on what to do. Thank goodness all turn out good.

Keep the house permanently baby-proofed.

This is a good argument for allowing no xylitol in the house; it's attractive and potentially lethal to dogs.

We always try doing that. We have to medcine cabinets, plus we have 2 shelfs up high in the kicthen that we put non-script medcine. I thing when my daughter was here it must have fell out of her purse. But thank you for your advice.

My 40-lb. spaniel once ate 198 Advil tablets. By the time I came home and discovered it he had vomited it all up. He ended up with a tummy ache, but otherwise survived it. The carpet, however, did not. The bottle had been opened that morning (hence the 198,) and must have fallen off the shelf. Now if I have a bottle on a shelf by my bed, it has only two or three pills in it. Other bottles are in drawers or boxes in cupboards. Advil has that sweet candy coating that made it so appealing.

What was funny was people asking me how he got the child-proof bottle open.

I'm so glad to here that he was ok. Its really scarey when one of your dogs get a hold of someone pills. When Mollie was about ayear old I was on strong pain meds. To be exact it was Demrol 50mg and I acidentally drop i and she grab it before I could get it. Needless to say we had to put as much proxide down her as we could and rush her to the vet. She saty there all afternoon and into the early evening hence to say she did a lot of throwing up but we got it all out of her before it reach her blood stream. So we are now very careful with meds. That why I said that my daughter much had lost it out of her purse when she had been over that night not to long before I had found the chew pack.

So glad that things turned out OK.  I've had my scares over the years....my german shepherd/husky mix once ate a pack of Sudafed and spent a week at the vet, not knowing if she was going to live or not.  Had a cat get into antifreeze, spent a week at the vet, not knowing if he was going to live or not.  My newfie ate rat poison at the fire station-- I caught him in the act so we did hydrogen peroxide and he puked it up.  Multiple episodes of chocolate emergencies.  I am religious about keeping things up and out of the way of the critters, but the other members of my family--not so much.  My husband and daughter are dyslexic and kinda scatter-brained so they are the major culprits.  After the last chocolate scare though, I'm pretty sure I got my point across.

(And all the animals lived)....  :-)

Jennifer, I'm so glad to here that all of your pets  made it thru there crisis. I have to keep a close eye on mine to cause my grandson is Bi-Polar and when he here he sometimes leaves his medcine down where the dogs might try to get the bottle. And Mollie has done that before. With muscle relaxers. But all turn out ok for her. I was in the hospital and my husband call and ask me what the one bottle of pills was for. It was a new bottle which I had just got the day that I end up in the hospital and they had not been put up. They were sitting on an end table and she got them and chew the bottle up and got the pills. But thank goodness she didn't chew up to many I guess because they didn't taste to good. There like little babies and you have to watch there ever move.


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