When I got Gwen I didn't think I'd be getting another corgi (I know silly me) All the pics I've posted are in My photos. All 41 or so.

Now I want to make a seperate album for Nimue. But the only option is to drag from my photos.

And I'm having a hard time manipulating that. And I need to have all those 41 in an album for Gwen.


Can I somehow do this? Or do I need to delete and start over?




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As far as I can see you need to drag them over. I don't think there's any other way unless you want to reupload them all.

I believe when you upload photos of Nimue, there is an option to make an album then, if Im not mistaken. 

WOOT!! You're right Natalie!! THANK YOU!! Wasn't looking forward to trying to manipulate the dragging option.(I'm pretty poor sighted and left handed to boot but can't/don't use a left handed mouse and wasn't looking forward to deleting and starting again.


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