This isn't actually about my corgi. My german shepherd/ husky mix just got a sore on his leg. Today was a really mellow day because it was extremely hot. We have all been laying around today and all of a sudden I noticed this spot on my dogs leg. It wasn't an injury or anything. I'm a little worried it might be contagious to my corgi or something really bad. Anyone have any idea what it is?


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Also there is bit of orange discoloration and no fur in the spot in question.
If there is no fur, it could be a variety of things, it could anything from allergies, hot spot, mange or even ringworm. the best thing to do is take him the vet. If it is ringworm both you and your corgi can get it. Good luck
Hi Samantha! Could you tell us the exact location of the bald spot? Will it be possible to take a close up shot? Change your digital camera setting to "Flower" and snap a pic. then take another one with his entire body. Have you notice any itching, biting, scratching lately?


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