While petting my dog today I felt bumps on the back of his neck and in between his shoulders. I looked closely and found them to be scabs but i haven't seen him scratch himself that much. Any suggestions as to what it can be . I know it's probably dry skin due to the weather change but anything else would be helpfull. Thanks! also what can i do to make it less painful for him.
[EDIT]: after looking even more closely I think its more serous theres like holes in his skin im freaking out im taking him to the vets tomarrow asap

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Oh no, sorry I don't have much advice, but Bryson is having the EXACT same problem lately! It doesn't seem to be itching, and it's in the same location too. We're taking him to the vet for his routine shots next week, so we're going to ask then. We can report back once we find out more. Good luck!


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