Does anyoe else have a sneaky corgi? Winnie wants to chew on everything right now, and she knows what she can and can't chew on. She will take what she is allowed to chew on (such as chew toys) and place it on or around what she knows she can't chew on and then sneaks and chews on it! She's just too smart I guess..haha.

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LOL. Omg, Nibbler does it all the freaking time! She absolutely loves the bathmat. She will toss her toy on top and go for the mat, I'll find a bunched up damp bathmat between her paws with a toy on top almost as an afterthought. She likes to do it to our clothes too :). All we can really do is laugh. It's hysterical because there is always a large wet spot on the cloth and then her toy is bone dry.
Brody is our sneaky one.... tissues out of the bathroom garbage cans, if the door to the cat's area is left a little too far open, he will sneak in for a mouthful or 2 of her food. He's smart enough not to stay in there and eat the whole thing at once as one of us might come back and catch him. And licking his paws... he will go where we can't see him and think he's getting away with something.
Winnie also likes the tissues out of the trash! When she realized that she could pull the toilet paper on the roll I thought that we were done for, but I always catch her mid-bite and stop her. We don't have a cat but I'm sure that she would eat cat food if she had the chance. She also steals socks out of the hamper when I'm doing laundry.


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