An individual here in the Puget Sound took the life of Molly, a 13 month old Corgi, because he was upset about a dog that was barking in the neighborhood.

Problem is, it wasn't Molly that was barking, it wasn't even the right house. He just walked up to the fence, but his rifle up to her chest and shot her. When confronted, he basically said "so what."

Full story below:

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URGENT 2/5/2105  act now please.

plea deal; letter-writing campaign 2/5/15.

90 day plea deal offered.They're suggesting handwritten hardcopy letters to the prosecutor.  Have your dog cosign with a pawprint?

Mine will go out tonight.

If some drunk shot my dog, I would not consider a 90-day plea deal justice.

And, presumably, credit for time served and early release.  He'll just buy a six-pack, go home, and clean his guns.  At least he'll have to pay his lawyer.

Drugs & alcohol can unravel a life quickly and spectacularly.  Happened to a family in our neighborhood last year.  Awful.

My letter is written, stamped and will go out in the mail tomorrow. Corgi-Nation, let's show our support for Justice for Molly! Thanks John Wolff for the update and inspiration for a letter writing campaign from

Years ago, a visibly disturbed, agitated man knocked on my door, thinking I was the owner of the dog that was driving him nuts (we had no dog then -- the animal was driving me nuts, too).   I spent quite a while listening to him, commiserating, and talking him down.

If this ever happens again, and the guy has been drinking, and has a gun, I hope he'll have heard of this case and remembers that the perp got a lot more than a 90-day plea deal.

That's the gist of my letter, although I also mention that one can tell a lot about a society by how they treat animals, and by how they treat people who solve their problems with alcohol, guns and violence.

I know that locking somebody up is not going to make them a better person, but when they use a deadly weapon to solve a minor problem while under the influence, that is crossing a big line.

My feelings are tempered by a bit of pity for a guy who will be remembered as "The Guy Who Shot the Puppy" anytime anyone googles his name.  We all make mistakes, sometimes big ones, but I wouldn't want to be explaining that one to Mr. Peter.

A 90-day plea deal seems like a slap on the wrist to me. Also shows that guns-plus-alcohol anger DOES appear to work for the criminal, and should be accepted by society? I think not.

This man should never be allowed to own a firearm in the future. I have always owned firearms, but I expect to be punished if I try acting like a drunk John Wayne? I think the Whole Book, should be thrown at these types of creeps. Send him to jail. Send a message to similar flotsam. It would benefit all of us.

To my mind, the issue here is that anyone who will abuse an animal will abuse humans, especially defenseless children. When we pat someone on the wrist and say, "Now dearie, let's not do that anymore," we fail to recognize that the guy is a dangerous mental case.

The guy will go on to bigger and far more horrifying things when he gets out of the slam. We need to build a competent, functional mental health system in this country, and use it.


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