I need any help/advice/or acknowledgment that this is normal behavior! I have a beautiful and smart seven month old corgi named Austin and I love her more than words, but boy can she frusterate me! She knows when I am about to leave or go to bed and jets under the couch and refused to come out for hours! I put her in her pen when I'm not home or asleep because I've found that she pulls up the carpet if she isn't watched! I've used apple bitter and all that, but nothing works! I don't understand why she doesn't respond to the "come" command if she doesn't want to. She won't even look at me if I look under the couch at her! She does what she wants! How do I stop this? Has anyone else found this to be a problem? Any advice is appreciated!!

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Oh, Jennifer! I know what you mean about not coming when called when she doesn't want to! Mine does the same though she doesn't stay under the bed for hours. What I sometimes do when I sense Lilly is getting a bit too independent, is to leave a leash on her flat collar when I'm home and she is loose. I then load a pocket with treat tidbits. If she gets out of reach, you can usually grab the leash, give the "come" command and bring her out yourself if she doesn't comply quickly. Give her a treat and tell her "good come" (even though it really wasn't that good). Keep repeating the process and hopefully she come out without your "help". Don't forget to give her a little treat when you put her in her crate! Hope this helps you. I'm working on "come" in the great wide open. That will be for another discussion!
I am having a problem with the carpet pulling as well! Mine is terribly independent and she's only 8weeks old. Also terribly smart.
Heh, welcome to Corgi land. This is typical behavior for Corgis, I believe. It's the reason I think the breed was ranked 11 overall in dog breed intelligence (source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Intelligence_of_Dogs)... not because they're "dumb" dogs, but because they're so darn stubborn when trying to obey commands. It's funny, because mine does pretty much the same thing... he'll know when he's doing something he's not supposed to, but will anyway.

My best advice is to keep working at it, keep up that positive reinforcement when she does something she's supposed to. Eventually, it'll get through to her. She's just seven months old! You have plenty of time.
Oh yes, you can actually see the wheels in their heads turning as they are trying to decide whether or not they want to do that action you don't want them to do.
Help!! I am really frustrated! I have had other dogs and have never experienced this difficulty.

Our Lilly (one year old) has selective listening behavior for 'come'. In the morning she goes out in the backyard with her other dog friends and then readily comes in for 'breakfast'. Next she and friends return to the backyard while I am gone - and if there is some length of time involved (2-3 hours or more) she will come in beacause I think she thinks it is time for 'dinner'.
After dinner she can only go outside either front or back on a leash because she will not come in unless she wants too. The weather has turned frigid and I can't risk her staying out.

Have read all the suggestions and have tried to set up fun times, etc. - but have yet to find anything that is as much fun as 'watching or herding' the cats! They pay Lilly 'no mind' and tease - we have invisible fence and they will sit 'just beyond' the fence line - so it is really a game for all of them.

One time I was so desperate to get her in - picked up the cat and showed her to Lilly and Lilly followed us into the house! You probably has guessed - no picking up the cat the next time did not work!

Oh, one other thing. Our other 2 dogs do come in, but if Lilly is not ready, she stays outside without her friends.

Guess I need to start back and square one, but don't know exactly where that should be. Teach her the command come substituting another word for come, but don't know what type of reinforcer I need to get her attention. (when she is in the house, she does a much better job of responding to come

Thanks for any suggestions!
Lilly's Mom
Hi Jenn, at 7 months old, she is still in her adolescence stage. It is common for pups to act out at this time. Remember your teenage years? yup, kinda like that. What you need to do is continue in building your relationship, mentally stimulate and challenge her. Corgis are herding dogs and they need a job or they'll find a job themselves :)

My recommendation is that you increase your daily walk with her to 45- 60 minutes on leash. walking drains her energy and makes her focus and pay attention to your lead. After that teach her commands and tricks, this will help stimulate and motivate her. Corgis are known to be motivated by food, use that against her :)

"...I've found that she pulls up the carpet if she isn't watched! ..." Yes, because she is still 7 months old, she still need your direct supervision until 9 months - 1 year, when you cannot watch her, put her back into the crate. To correct a bad behavior, you'll need to replace it with a positive behavior, for example "exchange", instead of not letting her chew the carpet, provide other things and direct her to chew things that you permit.

"...I don't understand why she doesn't respond to the "come"..." Because of a negative consequence, i'm going to guess that she does not enjoy her crate? Corgis loved to be the center of attention and participate in all family activities, what you can do is put the crate within the eye sight of all the action, make the crate experience a positive one, do not force her in, feed her in the crate, let her sleep in her crate, so that she knows that the crate is her safe and happy place.

Don't worry, give it time, exercise, discipline then affection. Keep up with your training!
Sam, you are so right on all of your above comments and suggestions especially making the corgi the center of attention and including them in all family activities. As long as it's within their eyesight...they're much happy.
My corgi girl will be 1 next month and her "come" hasn't worked for the past 6 months. I have tried the treat thing and she just looks at me and tilts her head and as Ms. Campbell said, effecively flips me the bird. I have decided that that word is not in her corgi dictionary lol. I am hoping to enroll in an obiedence class in the spring, (the closest one for us is 30 miles away, at night and I don't want to risk the drive in the bad weather). Good to know there are lots of others with the same problem with their kids. I was starting to think I was just a bad mom until I read how many others on here have the same problem.
I used to have a problem with Katie getting her inside when I had to go to work. She was having too good of a time outside, but treats really did help. I make her homemade dog treats which we call "Katies cookies" her fav, and I give her one before work and one each night when she goes 'peeps'
when its time for her to go in her crate she jumps in 1st, then gets her cookie. I was lucky the breeder had already started this practice of jumping in 1st, then treat before we adopted Katie.
But Katie has had her independant times of not coming when called, make sure to maintain a very sweet tone of voice when calling her, if they sense any sign you are stressed she will stay put.
hope this helps!
That's just how Corgis are. My boy is 5 and a half now. He's still as stubborn but as he ages, he's come to listen to me a little bit more. I think at first, he was testing me out...seeing how far he could push me. Now he listens better out of respect (definitely not fear!) and sometimes I feel like he listens out of love and because he doesn't want to hurt my simple little human pride! HAHA
Have you tried clicker training? It is very effective with the come command. After clicking the clicker (and she looks or comes to you), give Austin a Extremely Yummy (cheese for example) treat. Before you know it, you have a puppy remote control. Also, if you are yelling at her and it is very obvious that you are mad at her, she will not come to you because she knows that she is going to get in trouble when she comes.

The carpet chewing is most likely caused by lack of exercise. It could also be the bitter apple spray too, some dogs actually love the taste of it.

Maybe also try out some feeding toys, like a Kong. Praise her when she is chewing on her toys. Corgis are eager to please their people, use that to your advantage and it is ok to bribe them too.
thank you so much for all the feed back!!! I'm going to try keeping a leash on her and use it with "come". She does love her crate and is happy to go in and even puts herself in there every now and then, I think she just runs from me because she doesn't like to be TOLD to go in there! I am going to try giving her treats, but in the past when I used them she would run when she saw me going to get them b/c she knew that meant bed time!


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