I'm looking for a soft travel crate that I can use in my car.  Do any of you have any suggestions on which ones are best for corgs and what size?  I've been looking on-line but its hard when I can't actually see how they are put together.  I also want it for use at trials, eventually.  I saw a couple at a recent rally trial, but can't find them on line.  Any suggestions are appreciated.  

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I purchased this one in the 24 inch size, it works nicely for her and I like that I can fold it up to store it.  My little girl is on the petite side (22lb) but they have the option for slightly larger size of 28 inches.


I've purchased these two:



I like the Guardian crate because it doesn't try to be tall - since Corgis don't really need a cathedral ceiling.  The EliteField is cheaper and also well-made.  Remember to inspect all the zippers before you start using them - any soft crate can show up with a wonky zipper.  I use the EliteField for agility class and camping, since the color reflected more sun and didn't attract flower-seeking bugs.  If you're opening and closing them a lot you will get the knack of it; learning curve on the EliteField was slightly easier.  I've disassembled the EliteField to wash the cover and it survived the cold cycle in a front-load washer just fine (hang to dry).  They both have roof panels/zippers so you can reach in from above while waiting your turn in a class, etc.  They have extra little storage pockets which are useful while they're up (water bottle, leash stash, bait stash), but you have to empty them before storing flat.  The Guardian in Medium (32") and EliteField in 30" are both good sizes for Mishka, who is 28.5 lbs and average length/height (male).  24" was too small and 36" was excessive....I don't use them in situations where I need to keep a water source in there, though.

As far as car use goes, I think any soft crate will probably have to sit on a flat, solid surface - not on a seat.  They are basically a frame with fabric over them, so the bottom is not a solid, hard surface.  They're good for keeping the dog out of your lap while you're driving, but not for protection from impact.

And, of course, neither will stand up to a dog who likes chewing on nylon or does not like crates and wants OUT.   :)

I have a soft travel crate that I use in hotels when I travel.  It's fairly cheaply made, but it's a pop-up that folds up really small and fits easily in my backpack or small suitcase.  With care, I've used it 5 years.  Zippers are the weak point and need to be handled gently.  The dog I use it for LOOOOVES her crate, so she is not one to try to get out and she's in it only at night.  

I would not use it in a car, it's too flimsy and would only give a false sense of protection.  In the car I would use a wire crate, or a plastic airline crate.  The latter only if hot weather is not an issue for you.  Plastic crates have less ventilation and a dog produces a lot of body heat.   Either type should be securely tied down.

I have used a well made soft carrier that is made to be strapped in with the seat belt.  There too, temperature was an issue, so  I could not use it in the middle of the day, even with air conditioning in the car and a mesh screen over the window closest to the carrier. .  Dogs overheat easily.  It's something to be mindful of.  As Beca points out, soft crates are not for dogs who chew, paw, or otherwise try to get   out.

Thanks for the links to the crate suggestions.  I'm actually using one now that is too large (was for my previous lab), but I can not tie it down in the car and it feels sort of unsafe.  I'll just keep it for motels and such and look for either a wire or plastic crate that I can tie down in the car.  I never thought I would need so many different crates for one wee corgi!  I have one by the kitchen, one in the bedroom, this oversized travel crate, and now need a new one for the car. She outgrew the one I was using, now stored in my attic.  Crazy!  LOL.

If the one in the bedroom is only used for nighttime, when you are also in he room, the travel crate you had for your Lab may be sufficient.  At night pups seem to settle more, especially the older ones who know the routine. Then maybe one of your other ones would work in the car.

Measure the space in your car. I had to search to find one that fit well. I ended up with wire, would rather have plastic, to get a width and length that worked. I have a soft sided for trials and travel, plastic for house, and wire for the car.

I will be measuring my next car for a crate before I even do a test drive. Lol

Excellent idea - swapping out the soft crate for the hard crate.  LOL... I never thought of it.  Problem solved!




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