Hi everyone,

My Corgi, Chloe is 5 1/2 months now and is scheduled to be spayed this upcoming Friday. I am a little nervous about this because I'm taking her to the ASPCA to get this done instead of her vet because of price. Its not that I dont love her and want the best for her, its that $ is a little tight and I feel like I need to get this done before she goes into heat. My question is has anyone taken their corgi to the aspca for this surgery? And how did it go? Any adivce is much apprecited!! thanks


Angela & Chloe

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We took our Edison to get neutered at the local MSPCA animal hospital (the Massachusetts branch of the same organization) for the same reason- they charged about 1/2 as much as anyone else- and it was fine. Admittedly, neutering is an easier surgery (they're just hangin' out there) but I know many people who've had spaying done there as well, with no problems. The ASPCA is a responsible organization, and they do many, many neutering/spaying operations- one could argue that they're probably better at it, because they do more surgeries and have that much more experience than your average vet. Your Chloe should be fine. :)
Thank you I apprecaite your feedback! I do agree they do many of these a day vs a vet's office, so hopefully all will be fine :-)
Thanks again!
I had a corgi mix about that I got 9 years ago from the Houston SPCA. They required that she be spayed before she came home, and they did it at their facility. We had absolutely no problems. Like other posters have said, they are a reputable organization.

I didn't go through the ASPCA to spay Twinkie but I did tell our vet that we might have to go that route because of the cost. He told me that he really wanted to do it himself and charged me MUCH less than his published price. Just a thought. I'm sure everything will go fine wherever you end up taking her.


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