I feel like I got taken to the cleaners but my new vet! I had a really good vet who retired from practice, must be nice to retire at the ripe old age of 45yrs =0]. SO, hence my need for a new one, and how more convenient could you get then just down the street! I’m in Dickinson Texas, BTW.

I left Maizy there for a four night stay. In that time period they did NOT give her the Boardatella (SP?) vaccine until the day we picked her up AND they did some kind of stool culture (apparently I signed that it was okay for them to give her treatment that they might need too), charged us for it, with only the explanation that “this test was due.” My husband who went to pick her up did not know to ask why it was not given to her sooner, and since she was already leaving, why did they insist that she have it done anyway?!

Also they are overly aggressive on the two times I have taken her for check ups. They bring out a list about a mile long of all the vaccines that they “have” to give her!

Can some tell me what vaccines are REALLY needed to keep Maizy safe? Now like any mother I do want what’s best for her, but not what is UNNESSARRY. I’d hate to think that this vet place is really only looking after the final dollar and not what is best for my girl!

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Remember - Not a vet =) , but here goes:

In Texas, dogs should get a rabies shot as puppies, one a year later, and then every three years (in TX, at least).

They get their series of puppy shots (DA2PP* - Distemper/Adenovirus/Parainfluenza/Parvovirus, the "combo" vaccine), plus a booster at a year (I think). Then, they used to give this every year but I don't know what Texas vets are doing now. I moved to Virginia and my vet is doing DA2PP every 3 years.

They can also get DA2PP-C, which adds a vaccine against coronavirus. None of my dogs have ever had a vaccine against corona. There is also a "combo" vaccine that includes a vaccination against Leptospirosis - my dogs have never gotten that, either. Some vets also suggest vaccines for Lyme disease, if it's common to the area. When I lived in West Texas and in Houston, I never needed that...but you can get it if you want.

There is also a vaccine for Giardia, a parasite. My dogs have never had that, either.

Finally, there's the bordetella - usually given every six months if the dog spends a lot of time at kennels, dog parks, etc. A lot of kennels will not board a dog who has not received a bordetella vaccination in the last 6 months.

There is a movement, not unlike one amongst children, that believes pets are being over-vaccinated. I would recommend doing your homework and seeing which of these diseases/parasites is a threat in your area. My Mom worked for a veterinarian for 21 years in West Texas - and they usually just stuck to giving the normal "combo" vaccine, unless someone asked for more.

*Sometimes called DH2PP - H is for Hepatitis/Adenovirus 2.
And, yes - it was strange for them not to give the bordetella immediately, even though it takes roughly 48 hours for it to "take hold" in the dog's system.

Another suggestion - call a couple of other vets and see if they recommend the same vaccines. I know there are some greedy vets out there!
I don't have Theo's vaccine list in front of me, but I think there are one or two vaccines you're supposed to get every 6 months, Bordetella is one of them. Strange that they wouldn't have given it to her sooner so they could monitor her to see if she reacted badly. How old is Maizy? Why was she at the vet for 4 days? Were you just boarding her there? The stool culture is a bit fishy. The only one Theo ever got was when he was a puppy at 2 months, and he's a year old now, so that's a little strange.

Your vet shouldn't be aggressive with you, but if Maizy hasn't gotten her vaccinations, they may be trying to emphasize that she needs them. I'd say if your vet isn't making you feel comfortable about their care and if you aren't trusting what they say Maizy needs, then it sounds like you need to find a new vet. Simple as that. On the flip side, vet visits are expensive. Try not to be resistant to their advice for the sole reason that it costs money. Just my two cents. Good luck!
Ju Lo is right about the reaction. My Andy had been getting a bordetella SHOT (injectable) from our previous vet (yes, they do have an injectable shot for it - most vets prefer the intranasal vaccine though because it supposedly goes to work faster).
Andy had her first intranasal bordetella vaccine in April and, about an hour afterwards, I was back at the vet's because her face puffed up like a balloon! We had to get an anti-allergy shot to counteract the reaction.
The vaccination should of been given right away and why the extended stay? Why was your dog their for so long when this seems to be a routine vaccination and fecal culture?

Ultimately if you feel unsatisfied and not comfortable w/this vet..seek another. The one thing that blows my mind is waiting to give the Bordetella the day you leave. Doesn't make sense when so many animals come and go at the vets and could of been exposed and possible reactions. I do believe some vets look for easy money and will over vaccinate or medicate and do unnecessary tests. Part of your responsibility is to be up on some of the facts and be educated so when you question your vet or have questions you may understand the theory your vet is speaking of. Take notes..copy articles of facts from the net and ask but keep an open mind and listen to what they say. Some vets get pushy til you prove to them that your knowledgeable and know what your talking about.
Is Bordetella shot only required if you are boarding your pet somewhere isnt it?
Thank you everyone for the info! Maizy (8 months old), was boarding for those four days, since we went to New Orleans for the Saints game! She has had all of her baby shot (three sets) and then also the rabies one. This doctors office also insisted that she get the lyme one, practically scared me to death telling me how bad it would go for her if she ever didn't get it, so I had it given to her.

They also insisted that I buy all her meds through them becasue so many people sell bad vaccines, even the online ones like Pet-meds (I think that the name for the online service) to hear them say it these places buy the meds from Mexico or other third world countries.

Have any of you ever heard of something like this about those on line pet meds sellers?

I appreciate all the help BTW!
Hmm...that is very strange. Just from my personal experience with my vet, they only suggested I get the lyme disease vaccine if I did a lot of hiking or camping in wooded areas with my dog, which I don't so I skipped it. And they've never insisted I buy my meds from them, though I do because they're not really any cheaper online. Sounds a bit shady.
The only meds you would usually need are heartworm preventative and flea/tick preventative.

My Mom never recommended places like 1800PetMeds for heartworm stuff, because she said they are bad about actually checking with vets to see if a prescription is valid. I buy my hw preventative at the vet because the prices aren't all that different.

Now, flea/tick preventative does not require a prescription and I get that through Drs. Foster & Smith - saves me a lot of money over the vet's office!
I was thinking the same thing regarding the shady part. You know I love that little brat so much. If ever it came too it, either she or I going to the doctor first, then it would be her. She would go first.

She's my baby, if you know what I mean. I take her to the vet to make her better, healthier. I just don't like it when someone feels free to take advantage of that relationship. At least, that is how I feel. =0] I think I just wanted to make sure that I wasn’t imaging things.

It is comforting being able to ask questions, especially here, which is so specific to Maizy.
Okay...talked to my Mom tonight. She says that they did use a combo vaccine that included lepto - and that they generally gave the one with corona to puppies. I double-checked and I think mine were getting lepto vaccines. And she said, yes - being in East Texas, they probably would have recommended the Lyme Disease vaccine. But my vet in Houston never recommended it. So - do what you feel is best.

She did say the late bordetella and the seemingly unnecessary fecal exam (Maizy should have had a fecal exam when she was checked up as a puppy, then would next get a routine one as part of her annual exam) were a little odd.

I'm still going to say check with other vets because you should feel as comfortable with your vet as your own doctor. Too bad you don't live in Houston - we had the BEST vet! Dr. Taffi Tippett. Awesome woman. :)
My vet in Pearland also never suggested lyme disease vaccine, BUT the Banfield vet presented me with a laundry list of vaccinations and since I, like you, am head over heels for my puppy, I said yes to all of them (and the fecal exam and the.. well, everything).
My new vet was quite puzzled when I brought them the print out from the other vet.


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