I feel like I got taken to the cleaners but my new vet! I had a really good vet who retired from practice, must be nice to retire at the ripe old age of 45yrs =0]. SO, hence my need for a new one, and how more convenient could you get then just down the street! I’m in Dickinson Texas, BTW.

I left Maizy there for a four night stay. In that time period they did NOT give her the Boardatella (SP?) vaccine until the day we picked her up AND they did some kind of stool culture (apparently I signed that it was okay for them to give her treatment that they might need too), charged us for it, with only the explanation that “this test was due.” My husband who went to pick her up did not know to ask why it was not given to her sooner, and since she was already leaving, why did they insist that she have it done anyway?!

Also they are overly aggressive on the two times I have taken her for check ups. They bring out a list about a mile long of all the vaccines that they “have” to give her!

Can some tell me what vaccines are REALLY needed to keep Maizy safe? Now like any mother I do want what’s best for her, but not what is UNNESSARRY. I’d hate to think that this vet place is really only looking after the final dollar and not what is best for my girl!

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Oh, I appreciate you calling your Mama, for me. I looked up the doctor's office and if need be, when she needs her shots, we will go there. I guess what it comes down to is I just don't feel comfortable there. So I will be looking around and googling like crazy! To bad your not in Texas any more =0[ I would have love to have met you and Andy! =0]
Norma. Is there a Corgi meetup group in your area or somewhere where you interact with other dog owners in your area? Try asking them where they take their dogs. Other people's opinions are usually the best recommendations that work out for me. :) Good luck!
Hi Norma,

My vet told me Bordetella wasn't necessary unless I ever planned to board her. But then that might be due to the area in which I live. Being retired and no longer traveling like I used to, I never board my new bubby-baby so I refused the shot. She also isn't exposed to other dogs and we live in the country in the mid-south. She also is never outside without me as we don't have a fence.

I don't know that much about the reason for the fecal exam but I never had a vet who didn't give one, especially right before prescribing heart-worm medication. Heart-worm meds are a definite must where I live but not the one for Lyme Disease.

As to your vet - because he's young and new, he might be overly-careful but to tell you the truth, after having used vets for over 30 years for cats and dogs, I'm finding the new vets are better at not over-charging than the old ones, LOL.

If it were me, I'd do what you did (check here for good advice) plus I'd call the vet's office and ask them to give you a blow-by-blow description and answer to all your questions. Maizy is your baby and only you will be devastated if something happens to her - not your vet. So get good answers to your questions and don't be afraid to tell him to talk to you in English - not medicalese! I'd definitely ask for the answer to why she was vaccinated after the visit and not within 48 hours of her arriving to be boarded. If you don't get an honest answer (like she slipped thru the cracks) and if you aren't comfortable with this guy, find another vet that you're comfortable with.

And call your breeder too, for advice. I rely on my breeder alot and she is a gem, especially since she's a vet too!

Best of luck,
Di & Beezie
LEAVE THEM! Just get a new vet. Think about it, you are paying them to keep your pup healthy...not to bully you around and basically demand you pay for everything they say she "must have now" and "is due for".
I used to have a vet that gave my Corgi four Bordatella shots in one year before I said "wait a minute, let me see your copy of his record...because I have my copies of every shot you guys have ever given him and either you don't know what you're doing or you're in it for the cash..." I even had them fax a copy of their records to a vet office across town (which they have to adhere to if the owner demands it) and had that vet look over their records in copmarison to mine. Turns out, they weren't keeping adequate records. Take your pup somewhere else who will first be nice and polite to you and second, really care about your Corgi. My vet even calls my dogs "my kids". I love it.


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