How many tennis balls are in your dog's toy box?

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Okay we loose this contest, zero!!! Lance likes to eat the fuzz of the tennis balls, so I tend to not buy them!
1 tennis ball and 2 bouncy balls.
we have lots of bouncy balls from He loves his football from there and baseball and every color ball out there he has but no tennis balls! I did buy the rubber tennis balls from planetdog and he was able to rip them apart..... :O( So no tennis balls of any kind for lance!
I have 1 but, Spartan won't play with it. Well, not yet anyway.
the backyard currently is home to 7 but of couse he only likes a aprticular one the lounge room has 3 and the bedroom 2 of course there is a ready supply of new ones in the cupboard for when one goes rolling down the drive and down the street we only buy the wimbeldon branded ones- nothing but the best
Omg LO loves fetch with a tennis ball, I actually have to stop him as he would go on forever.
None. But only because they don't last more than 5 seconds before Harry is ripping it apart and there are green strands in all his teeth and all over the house!
haha, we have 3 or 4 I think.
2.95 - yes, he managed to chewed a hole :)
We lose big time. None. They are all under the couch for safe-keeping.
But of course. Ours were only in the box because I'd just finished vacuuming. There'd been 6 under the couch.


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