I never thought I'd be able to find a toy to keep my super naughty naughty 9 month old puppy out of trouble while in the yard.  He was like a crazy maniac destroyer lol!!  But then I found him this AWESOME toy for Christmas!  He LOVES it!  I had to share it with everyone because it has really helped me keep my sanity lol!

Here is a facebook video of Drake playing with it the day we got ours installed:


And here are some pics:

It even works on small children lol!!!

I also received a message from Tether Tug with a special discount just to share with my friends - "We want to thank you so much for sharing Drake playing with the toy, both the photos and the video! We really appreciate you helping us promote our toy, as we worked really hard to develop it and we handmake each one here in Missouri. We wanted to give you a special code to share with your friends for helping us out. If they use the code cardigan20 at checkout on our website, they will receive 20% off!"

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Looks really nice Chris, and the dog looks very nice too!  My daughter is considering getting a puppy and, if she does, this would make a nice present. My question is, can the pole snap back and injure a nearby child?  My grand daughter is 8 yrs old and I'm wondering about that.  Thanks for the discount code.

My daughter is 7 and plays with Drake and the toy all the time, never had any problems with the pole whipping back at her

Great, thanks for the info.

ooh I think I need this!! Thanks for sharing!

Oh man I think Luke would love this thing. Can you choose what color rope you want? I only see white on the website right now but I'm not sure that's a good idea with all the snow we have, lol.

I just bought one on Amazon. The owner of the company said the majority of his purchasers are Corgis, cant wait to get ours!

Oh wow! That looks like something I could use! Is that code still active?

Amazon overnight shipped ours! Here is Lulu checking it out!!

What a pretty backyard and of course, a pretty dog! :)

That looks worth the price, is it? I'm a college student so I'm penny pitcher when it comes to products.

I LOVE mine and totally think it was worth the price.  Drake gets so rapped up playing with it that I have a hard time getting him to remember to pee sometimes lol.  It has definitely cut down on his barking at all the neighbors

Ok, I'm adding this to the list of things needed for the new yard. :P

Anyone here from Canada knows where I can get this?   The site only ships in USA.


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