I was "inspired" by Shannon's blog and decided to compile a list of things my corgis have destroyed over the years, feel free to post pics and share your stories. We all need a good laugh :)



  1. Half a tub of drywall spackle
  2. 4 inches of baseboard
  3. licked a 3 inch hole in the kitchen wall (thru the crate)
  4. Three wooden baby gates
  5. Couple of pens
  6. A pair of chopsticks
  7. A Clicker
  8. A pair of Oakley's Clogs
  9. A pair of Teva Sandals
  10. Two Ps2 controller cord
  11. One Dance Dance Revolution Pad
  12. One Frisbee
  13. One Rattan Pet bed
  14. One RC Ferrari
  15. One Furminator Handle 
  16. One Sheepskin Rug (aspiring herding dog)
  17. One tennis ball (took 6 years)
  18. A dozen softoys


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Was not a fan of his "first Christmas" suit.


Cell phone attena

heels on a pair of shoes

my sandals, favorite pair (of course)

dog bed, the corners, chewed holes in it. 


carpet, berber carpeting. 


stuffed toys




a package of hamburger buns (he was sorry later for eating those four buns!!  They did not agree with him at all)


We will see if Tucker adds to this list as the years go on, but hopefully not. :)   Not sure what kind of michief he got into as a puppy since we have only had him 5 months.  Makes one wonder!!



Two pair of sandals (one Teva, one imported leather)- in two days.

One set of earbuds (a piece is still missing.) sigh.

Many of my husband's socks.

Many, many toy mousies (they steal the cat's toys).

What is up with Lando Oliver and his empty toilet paper rolls, he eats it like it is a nice piece of rump steak.


at least they're cheap! mine shred paper and cardboard too. I don't know why.


Let's see....in the two months Tharros has been working to overthrow our house and gain total control of the humans he has punished the following into submission:

Wooden chair-lower brace

Box after box of Kleenex-demonstrating great agility skill in retrieving them from the house humans silly attempts to "hide" or "put them up"

My husbands glasses case-further endearing himself to him (not) This was done with some well thought out planning as the destroyed case was left directly on the floor next to Terrys side of the bed...ensuring he would stumble, swear and curse the day "that f**g dog" moved in. This of course brought me to tears laughing which of course set off an Olympic worthy FRAP.

My bicycle tire pump. I believe the reasoning for this is Tharros does not think there should be ANY activity which does NOT involve, wait, revolve around him.

A frisbee-this happened the eve that the frisbee had the nerve to bitch slap Tharros while he was distracted by the shifty teasing squirrel that lives to torment Tharros. Corgi karma is THE bitch.

Most of the stuffed toys. There are two Bennie the rottie has been able to keep safe and squeeky. I don't look for them to have a long life span though as Tharros is extremely devious, stealthy and a world class master of the "dart and steal"

All area rugs-they are absolutely useless to lay on. I have a feeling if I laid comforters by the doors he would be fine with that ; )

Floor length curtains-these are enemies to be fought with at all cost. Seen as a hinderance to spotting anything approaching his large dog house he let's us call home....

The list will expand I'm sure based on the sizable accomplishments of some of the vetran, more practiced destroyers......
was it Tharros or the husband who pulled off the Olympic worthy FRAP?

Ellie has destroyed

  • Only 2 pairs of shoes - but my favourites!
  • A yellow highlighter
  • garden tools
  • electric steam mop
  • Matchbox cars and lego
  • every toy ever purchased for her
  • 2 of her own leads
  • countless plants
  • the plastic "puppy proofing fence" we used when she was a pup
  • rolls of toilet paper she has taken off the roll
  • One bath mat
  • a million clothes pegs
  • 3 soccer balls and a basketball

AND.... A stuudent's report card and timber ruler ( I'm a taecher and snuck her in to school one day)

she's been a pretty good dog really!!!!!

OMG soooo LMAO!!! Tharros was the FRAPPER. Hubby was the one attempting a sport he inadvertantly started called the "corgi in motion hurdle" which doesn't involve the need for height in jumping but does require a quickness generally not present first thing in the morning....hahahaha...how I do love them both so much! Bennie our rottie is definately not amused when forced to endure a FRAP which sometimes involves him becoming a jump himself or often just a soft place to bounce off when changing direction in mid-FRAP. Bennie has also become a backstop for the hardwood "corgi slide" during dinner preparation.....what have I done to my poor family???? LOL

Lucy is a mere 5 1/2 months old but has managed to leave her "mark" in many places throughout my apartment. I do keep her in an ex pen, in part because of her need to chew and destroy, and in part because of the cats. This keeps her destruction to a minimum. I also have kept my shoes inaccessible to my cats for years, so puppy does not have much access to them either, That said:

1. pair of Fit flops, that I still wear despite the tears and teeth marks.

2. corners of a favorite footstool and end table. Now I have moved those and replaced the end table with a very cheap table that I could care less about.

3. a corner of an antique book case (hence the ex pen)

4. 2 doggy beds, she is working on 3rd but it is proving to be more durable

5. toys she has promptly disemboweled with no shame (a chicken, a duck are two she particular went at)

6. a frog carcass she found on a walk (this is by far the grossest thing she has done!)

7. a pair of cropped pants (chasing me and biting at the hem and hanging on until it rips)

It is absolutely hilarious to see her with stuffing come out of her mouth when she has torn up a toy or a doggy bed. She reminds me of the puppy in the Grinch cartoon.


I just remind myself that she is doing what puppies do...and, yes, they are so dang cute!

Poopdeck is 2 now so he does not strike at random objects, but he still loves to pluck and disembowel any stuffed animal. I quit buying new beds, my only worry was if all would pass through---and it did!  We painted hard surfaces with Tabasco; that worked.  I always ended up laughing no matter what!  Our fault for leaving something within reach--shame on us! (old enough to know better!)


A leather chair...


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