I was "inspired" by Shannon's blog and decided to compile a list of things my corgis have destroyed over the years, feel free to post pics and share your stories. We all need a good laugh :)



  1. Half a tub of drywall spackle
  2. 4 inches of baseboard
  3. licked a 3 inch hole in the kitchen wall (thru the crate)
  4. Three wooden baby gates
  5. Couple of pens
  6. A pair of chopsticks
  7. A Clicker
  8. A pair of Oakley's Clogs
  9. A pair of Teva Sandals
  10. Two Ps2 controller cord
  11. One Dance Dance Revolution Pad
  12. One Frisbee
  13. One Rattan Pet bed
  14. One RC Ferrari
  15. One Furminator Handle 
  16. One Sheepskin Rug (aspiring herding dog)
  17. One tennis ball (took 6 years)
  18. A dozen softoys


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Let's see, Belle is 4 yrs old and I've had her for 2 yrs. Here is her hitlist:

1. A couple of Loofas

2. 4 tubes of chapstick

3. The cover of a book

4. Too many soft toys to name

5. A handful of pinecones we were saving for the fireplace

6. The top to a finger nail polish was found with tiny corgi teeth marks


1.Every corner on Our bedroom furniture,2.ate drywall with only the front little teeth.3.Reaches in the pond to steal water plants,4.chewed the cord to the dining room ceiling fixture,5.every indestructable toy on the market!!                                                                                                         

for my birthday my puppy destroyed a pair of glasses and my macbook power cord.

I think the list would be shorter if we listed things they didn't destroy.

Here is my list of things they did not destroy



That is it.

I'm a little late in this discussion, but in the few months we've had Wyatt he's annihilated he following:

-patch of dry wall

-kitchen mat

-one of my decorative drapes

-his own pet bed

-countless wee wee pads

-my antique lady wingback chair (it needed to be re-covered anyway!)

-my antique end table (gnaw marks all over its legs)

-several of his toys (hemp owl, kong wubba, a toy football from Wales, etc.)

1. Cable cord

2. Bed corner

3. Bedside table corner

4. Carpet - somehow she *literally* chewed a hole in the MIDDLE of our bedroom carpet, exposing the mat. I don't know how she did that without a weak point to start it in. I think she just pulled at it until she got a hole started that she could shred further.

5. More of my underwear than I care to admit

6. My favorite Blackhawks shirt - she went right for the armpit on that one :(

7. Every single soft toy we've given her... dog toys are no match for Dixie. She can destroy anything in a matter of moments.

8. Some of my fiance's underwear

9. A few of my bras

10. My eyeglasses - even the super-expensive "indestructible" lenses had bite marks scoring them.

11. Bathroom garbage - I woke up from a nap once and found that she had shredded everything in our wastebasket in the bathroom. She's not normally a garbage-eater, but geez she went to town! Luckily there was nothing "bad" in there.

12. Brand new pair of tennis shoes

13. At least 2-3 pens/pencils

14. A handful of our toddler's toys - dolls, doll accessories, mostly.

15. Her own food bowl! (She chewed the heck out of the rim on one side... I guess she got tired of carrying around in hopes of getting more food!)

... we've had her for about 8 months now, so I'm sure that despite our newfound vigilance (now, we don't put anything past her destructive capabilities) we'll have plenty of things to add to this list!

So far 2 pairs of shoes, 2 bras, a section of tile, and my glasses.

Hmm lets see, we have had chase for 6 months and already we have had...

1 cell phone usb charger

numerous toys (some of them im pretty sure not even a t-rex could destroy.)

the arm to my fiances grandfathers recliner

a couple of game and dvd cases have mysterious teeth marks..

the tips of my flip flops are chewed, and he has completely put a pair of my fiances out of commission

he tore off a flower that was on my fiances planner

at least 10 rolls of paper towels

he once chewed a baseboard 

he plowed through the screen door like a bulldozer running on jet fuel (he tried to do that to that glass door too but wasn't as successful)

1 belt

numerous stuffed animals except one stuffed giraffe which he seems to adore.

The list goes on and on, i wonder some days if he runs on deisel fuel.

I guess our latest rescue is not out of the ordinary ;)

Our Bedspread




Toilet Paper

but the funniest part was he chewed the sheet corner by pulling it un-tucked

Corner of a leather loveseat -she did this as a puppy

various pens




huge assortment of toys

patio cushions

handle of brushes both hers and mine

not quite destoyed but chewed a cell phone

3 sections of base board

1 cabinet door

1 pair of glasses

1 sleeping eye mask

several blankets and a dog bed (designated for the dog before destruction)

Well all I can say the only thing Oscar has done is he cost his dad thousands of $$$ I had to replace the Carpet in our new unit as he was upset about leaving the big old house even though he had access to the courtyard Oh No he lifted his leg in one spot!. The funny thing about the whole excercize was the carpet was a run out special the developer had put in because he got it cheap in bulk I had to have it made to match the rest of the unit!. Well all I can say is we are responsible for our animals actions!!! LOL I love Oscar to bits!


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