I was "inspired" by Shannon's blog and decided to compile a list of things my corgis have destroyed over the years, feel free to post pics and share your stories. We all need a good laugh :)



  1. Half a tub of drywall spackle
  2. 4 inches of baseboard
  3. licked a 3 inch hole in the kitchen wall (thru the crate)
  4. Three wooden baby gates
  5. Couple of pens
  6. A pair of chopsticks
  7. A Clicker
  8. A pair of Oakley's Clogs
  9. A pair of Teva Sandals
  10. Two Ps2 controller cord
  11. One Dance Dance Revolution Pad
  12. One Frisbee
  13. One Rattan Pet bed
  14. One RC Ferrari
  15. One Furminator Handle 
  16. One Sheepskin Rug (aspiring herding dog)
  17. One tennis ball (took 6 years)
  18. A dozen softoys


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Abbey  loves to get hold of my husbands socks.  She has destroyed, 1 fly swatter, numerous magazines and newspapers,  hairbrush, baseboard, bottom of kitchen cabinet,  washcloths, wooden spoons and chewed the hem full of holes on several of my good blue jean skirts (had to get some iron on patches to cover the holes).  Right now that is all the damage she has done....lol 
What ever she does, welll, we just take it like a grain of salt, cuz she is our baby! 

you know, i keep waiting for machete to destroy something, but so far, nothing. he doesn't chew on anything that's not "his" property.  he's destroyed a flimsy petsmart dog bed, but we fully intended it to be disposable anyway.


I can't believe I never noticed this discussion inspired by MY corgis... bahahahahaha!! Now that I have a 3rd corgi... I will add to the destruction ...

1. Chewed the corner of my brand new sofa and left a huge hole in the fabric...

2. chewed the texture off of my wall on a spot in the hallway and in the kitchen

3. Multiple pairs of sandals/shoes

4. A pair of prescription glasses belonging to a friend (THAT was an expensive one!)

5. A 8x10 gorgeous shag area rug.

6. A plug in air freshener from bath and body works

7. countless pairs of panties, bras, and socks

8. (4) dog beds shredded

9. A couple tubes of chapstick

10. Countless rag rugs I use in the kitchen

11. Two remote controls

12. chewed all the bottom trim and feet on a gorgeous bookcase

13. started to chew on a cowhide rug in the dining room... I guess they didnt like it as they havent touched it since!

14. Several ballpoint pens/markers (Thank god I found them before they bled on anything!)

15. I am too depressed after listing the last 14... I have to have a good cry now.... LOL


I have just had my first Corgi for a little over a month, I am AMAZED at how damaging this little guy can be.  My puppy pit bull had this squisey pig that she just loved, could of ate it in two swallows, Hank took one look and chewed its nose right off!   All of previous dogs toys (and I mean Pit Bulls) he has tore apart.  We are down to pull ropes, that dont last that long.   Deer antlers and KONG balls etc.  Thanks for the lists    lol.........will keep putting things up!

My boys broke a table last week.  They may have had some help from Stella (pit/lab mix puppy).  Butler likes to stay on top of the table and we think he either jumped off (which makes me crazy) or Stella helped him.  Table fell over and part of the center pedestal broke.


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