My Sophie has a weird fascination with the vacuum cleaner. She trys to attack it, and sometimes she gets ahold of the front corner of it and trys to do what I call, "the shake and kill." She barks and barks at it. I don't understand it. It's not like I traumatize her with it or anything. So my question is does your corgi have issues with the vacuum cleaner?

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Nope. Noodles attacks it and I have to wipe it clean after every use. He also barks non-stop at it. I'm sure my neighbors love it...not. All I have to say is vacuum and he will run to the closet where it is at and whine until I pull it out.

Corky too had a fascination with the vacuum but my daughter who cleans for me wouldnt let him fixate on it and scolded him everytime he would start and he is okay with it now, but the shovel, oh my, he does the same thing grabs the end and shakes and whines and makes all kinds of ungodly noises, when I let him out he will go out and grab it while it is sitting against the garage. I should make him stop it but he makes me laugh with his fanaticism with it, and yes he barks the whole

 time Im sure the neighbors despise it!


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