I'm not sure if Oscar is scared or just wants to tell it to stop but he walks around the house and barks at thunder!! He does not hide in fact he goes to the doors or windows and bark right at the nose. His little ears perk right up. We have had some crazy weather on the east coast sun one second rain the next.

How does everyone's corgi handle thunder and lightning?

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Soffie is not affected by the thunder or fireworks. But Griffyn.... now that's a different story!! He hears thunder even before we do!! And he either goes to my bedroom and hides his head under the bed, ducks behind my chair or jumps up with me in the chair or with Dawn on the sofa. He trembles a bit but we have always just acted like it's no big deal and I actually think he has improved a little as he has gotten older. I read somewhere that they might actually feel a little bit of a stactic like shock on their coats as the atmosphere is charged by the storm. But I'm not sure if that is a fact.
Bertie also barks at thunder (and fireworks, and -- I've discovered -- live electric guitar, my neighbors are having a blowout 4th of July party). He just looks at the ceiling and barks, and then looks at me and barks again. I'm not sure exactly what he's saying -- but he doesn't seem scared or anything. More as if he's letting me know there's thunder -- so I just remind him that I can actually hear it too and all is well.... And yes -- we're in CT, we've had thunder practically every day, it feels like! Crazy!
Sudden loud reports turn Gwynnie into a completely different person. She has to be on leash if there's any danger of thunder or close gunfire. She has run off (home) twice in response to thunder, not very close or loud thunder. She was not bad July 4 though.
I was much more worried about the fireworks then Oscar was. He wanted to watch them but I was scared that it would cause him to have a seizure b/c of his epilepsy. I'm a paranoid mom!! The nose made him jump a bit but he seemed more curious than scared.


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