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Just wondering if anyone has their dogs Titer tested for Parvo and Distemper in place (or to insure lack of needless) vaccinations.  If so what does it cost for you, my vet is quoting 'very expensive book an appointment and we'll talk' and wants a non sensible 70$ just to talk and won't give me a price.  The price for a Rabies Titer at that clinic is 290, but as I understand Rabies Titers are much more difficult so generally cheaper.  I have heard in some places you can get each test for under 100, and I do not want to needless vaccinate my dog because I cannot afford these tests as that is damaging. 


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My Vet also believes in the titer test. At Quincy's yearly check up they draw blood for heart worm so they drawn a bit more to check the titer. Unfortunately the blood work was more than the actual cost of the vaccination, but I would rather pay the extra money and not have him over vaccinated. I will see if I can find the bill for his last check up to give you exact dollar amounts if you want. Let me know.
Wow. I'd find a different vet.
Is it legal to NOT get a rabies vaccine?
In most places you can apply for an exemption with a titer test showing a high enough immunity. Most cities generally still won't grant it though unless your dog has a medical reason to not receive it (rabies vaccines have a high reaction rate, so this is a valid concern). As the Rabies Challenge Fund research study continues, I think we will see states pushing the number of years for re-vaccination back further and further.
Titer tests are expensive and, from what I understand, not always an accurate indication of actual immunity. I do not vaccinate Parvo or Distemper (or anything else) past one year old, and I don't titer either unless I have a need such as training classes. Most studies show a life long immunity. If you are really worried most vets will put you on a 3 year vaccine schedule. Rabies I do because I don't have a choice, but I won't do it more than once every three years (all states will allow this now, just ask you vet for the "3 yr" vaccine).
what is a titer test?
A titer test is a test of immunity levels in the bloodstream, not foolproof as even if there is a good memory of it , it may not be present if exposure was long enough ago.
I was bitten on Sunday (3 days ago) by an untitered puppy. We check for parvo/distemper, and give rabies vaccines when they're old enough. He wasn't. He's now in 10 day bite quarantine. I know this is a different situation than you're talking about, but, just for the sake of discussion, put yourself in my place.

If you were in my position, would you be comfortable with a dog that had not been vaccinated? If it was your dog that bit someone, would you feel secure knowing your dog had a titer, not a vaccine?


Hmmm, now that I'm thinking about it, he was just found tied to a fire hydrant. I don't know much about him. I think I'm going to check his file tomorrow. Ignorance was bliss :)
No one is saying they are NOT vaccinating their dog/puppy. The titer comes from anti-bodies built up from the dog getting the vaccine. The issue/question is: Are we as a society over vaccinating our pets? Think of it this way... Do people vaccinate their kids every year indefinitely?? No, children are vaccinated with one or a series of shots to build up antibodies to fight against that particular disease. Another example... health care workers get vaccinated against Hep B in a series of 3 shots to build up antibodies. You then have blood drawn to check for a titer level to make sure your body built up the appropriate amount of antibodies. Should the titer level fall below the acceptable level, a booster shot will be needed at some point, but we are talking years down the road. I think the initial discussion was to ask if having your dog vaccinated every year is actually necessary or is it over kill...


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