**Tom is back from the vet! He had two drains put in, one for each puncture wound.  In true corgi style he is still smiling! Thank you everyone for the well wishes!!!!**

(Tom asked that I not post a photo of his wounds so as not to reveal any corgi weakness ... he also says you should have seen what that pitbull looked like after the fight haha ... sure, Tom)

So on top of Tom's anxiety of being in a new state/home, today he got attacked by an off-leash pit bull at the park.  Some guy was walking his pit bull off leash at the park and from about 30 feet in front of us the pit bull went from walking to charging straight at Tom.  It was horrifying.  I don't know how long the attack lasted but I was in a complete panic, trying to pull Tom away.  My roommate finally was able to wrench the pit bull off.  

The owner was very apologetic, but little good that did.  We took Tom to the vet immediately and he has two deep puncture wounds, one on his little leg and one on his chest area.  The vet gave him an antibiotic shot and I am taking him in tomorrow morning to have a drain put in the worser of the wounds.

Poor little guy was a champ though ... and when the offending owner came to look at Tom, Tom even kissed him on the face.  Tom is corgi-ing on, just one more story to highlight how ignorant people are that walk their dogs off-leash :(

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Thank you so much, Anne!!! He is doing much much better! :)

How was your night last night?

Hi Lois, still not great.  I just don't know what to do about his sleeping habits.  He is very restless and constantly getting up to see where we are, even though we are right there! But otherwise he is totally fine - I left him out today (not in the crate) and he was just quietly looking out the window when I drove away :) 

ps: I have no desire or intention to let him sleep in one of our beds ... I know a lot of people do sleep with their animals, but I am not going to start that.  He is free to sleep anywhere else he pleases though haha

That's great that he's doing better now! Yeah apologies do nothing in that kind of a situation. You know they're just going to do it again... :(

I've had two experiences of charging pitts. It really is shocking and terrifying seeing them come at you like that! We were minding our own business both times in a public place, so I don't know what triggers them to do that. :( Fortunately one of the times I was walking someone else's akita, who stepped in front of me and fended off the pitt. The other time my own dog got bit and it drew blood.

I don't get how people don't realise that while their own dog may be friendly with their family, they can be completely different with strangers! That goes for all dogs, not just pitts. I've also been at the receiving end of GSDs, a bulldog, a BC, an ACD, and a mastiff. I'm extremely defensive when a dog comes at me now, and I'm totally not afraid to yell at the owners either. Those people need to learn this isn't acceptable! People like them are why dogs aren't allowed in most public places!

oh my gosh, I am so sorry for all the experiences that you have had! Seriously, this is like an epidemic of off leash dogs ... it doesn't make any sense when it is so easy to fix! Thank you for the well wishes for Tom! :)

Sorry to hear about Tom, that is awful. I always get nervous anytime I see a dog off leash. I am glad Tom will be okay and his spirits are still up.  Hope he recovers soon. Hang in there.

Thanks so much, Suzanne! I never thought too much about it but now i'm a nervous wreck! 

How is the boy tonight?

Hi Lois, pretty good! :) we found a lovely walking path across from Samford and enjoyed a nice walk! Tom is getting back out there in the world! :)

I'm so glad that you found a nice walking path and I hope it continues to be safe.  How was his night last night?  I hope he is settling down and better satisfied after the attack.  I continue to wish you well.

Thanks, Lois! He was better last night! I still slept on the couch with him but he slept very peacefully and no barking :) hopefully in a few more nights he might want to sleep there by himself! fingers crossed haha

Please accept my sincere thoughts for a speedy recovery for Tom.  On 7/11, my 13 year old Bear was attacked by a labradoodle and required a throat drain too.  This particular dog broke from its lead and came onto my driveway where we were all leashed and ready to go for our walkies.  I have worked hard to put what I witnessed out of my thoughts - but now carry spray to protect us.  Bear looked really strange with the shaved areas....but has recovered well.  I hope that the other dog owner is going to pay for the damage his pet brought upon your corgi.  Again, our thoughts and good vibes are with you and Tom.  All the best - Nan



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