Tom and I went to Hado-Bar farm in Nova, Ohio today for an introductory herding clinic. Although Tom seemingly had more fun rolling in the hay than herding, it was a great experience! :)

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Wow Susan Jeli is doing really good.  She's a cutie.

If my body holds up I would love to try that when it comes time to add a corgi puppy to the family.  Max and Katie are a little too old to take that on now.  They need to just enjoy their senior they didn't enjoy their younger years.  *rolling eyes*

hahahaha well I think Tom was too old even at 3! Max and Katie are beautiful by the way!!! :)

Laura, thanks for posting.  I am taking Foxy in September in Michigan and am very excited to see how she does.  I don't think we'll make a sport of it either, but I'm excited to see how she reacts.  She met sheep when she was only 11 months old but  he 22 months now so she might be more confident.

Awesome! That's great, Becky!! Good luck ... I look forward to seeing pictures!!! :)

Becky...I know this is off topic but was that boat accident near you?

It was at the other end of the island, but yes pretty close.  Very very sad.


I just remembered reading other people's comments.  The first time I took Foxy she ran around a little but didn't have much interest in the sheep and proceeded to eat sheep poop and then threw up all over my car on the way home!!!!  Not a good experience.  I hope since she's older she'll be more into the sheep and ducks than the poop but there's no guarantee with her.

Becky, a lot of the dogs at our clinic ate poop!! Foxy is not alone!! I hope it goes better for you this time!! We sure had a stinky ride home with mr. poop roller too! 

Laura....thank you!  I will be so happy when Max's fluffy coat grows back.  A fluffy that has been cut short doesn't look like a normal coated corgi....they looked like a stuffed dog with fuzz.  Cute....but not the fully gorgeousness.

I know Katie would be eating the poop for sure.  Max....he doesn't have a habit of doing that but not sure if he could resist sheep poop.  He would be the one to roll in it.

Poop eating is the best part! LOL.

Thank you for the compliments on Jeli. We keep working at it. She gets it way better than I do!

Good luck to any of you that give it a try. Expect total chaos. Sheep will step on your feet and try to run through your legs. You have to learn to use a long stick to tell your dog which way to go, but something will go haywire and there will be dog and sheep running all over the place. You have to learn a new language; "steady", "come by", "that'll do". You have to keep your eye on all the moving parts all at the same time and learn to read the sheep and... It's crazy fun.


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