I bought this for my pup so that we can reward him when we do training.  Has anyone tried this before?  What do you like to use?

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I have never tried it, i just cut up an apple in to tiny peices, and if not apple than carrot. Because it is cheap, healthy, natural, and i never have to worry about running out becuase i always have plenty of both in the house, even before we got Adora.
String cheese. Sliced into small pieces and broken into smaller pieces. Really gets the nose going. :)
I use those treats all the time for Lily. I use to give her them for potty training, every time she went she got one of those treats. i still use them but not as much i give her one when she goes into her crate now. She has always liked them and i think they are a good size better then the bil jac treats i first tried and on a side note my cat Oliver likes them too lol.
Unless we're working on a new trick that requires a high value reward, I use Charlee Bear treats. They're small and the bag lasts us forever!
We tried those and Finn ate them but was more excited about Newman's Own Organics Chicken and Vegetable Training Treats. They sell them at Petsmart and most other pet supply stores but I couldn't find them on the Petsmart website. I like them because they are in sticks kind of like a Slim Jim so you can break off pieces to treat. When we did puppy classes they were great. I would break one up into tiny pieces and put them in a bag in my pocket.
For treats, I have extremely tough, screw-cap, odor-proof, pocket-sized plastic cans, not commonly available, but pill bottles will work. You want to contain the odors -- Lori lost a brand-new pair of pants once when she left a baggie of treats in her pocket, much munch.

Try this:
Crisply fried bacon is a high-value, cordon-bleu treat. The first and ONLY time we've used bacon was when we were teaching Emergency Recall, and WOW, did they learn fast! They think our emergency recall magic word, "venite" (Latin for "come"), means, "Fresh bacon! Come and get it fast!!", and that this is the only time they're going to get it. Perhaps the combination of the unique, rare, important command with a unique, rare, important new treat was a stroke of unintentional genius.
Yep, mine learned emergency recall in three sessions using hot dogs.
I usually use veggies while around the house, or if i am teaching a new trick. I do how ever keep those in my purse because they are easy to carry and really easy to train the dog to come running to the noise of shaking the bottle.
Roslyn seems to love them... but be careful, they are pretty high in calories, so use sparingly.
yikes, high in calories? Olive loves these treats, and we've managed to potty train, crate train, sit, and give us a paw... might explain why she looks a little hefty, lol! We'll have to start trying the veggies/apples.
String cheese has my vote too. You want something soft so that the dog doesn't have to stop training to chomp something crunchy. My corgis love apple, too. We love it.
we use those, and we've made a lot of progress in the two weeks that we've had Olive. Either she's smart, or a sucker for the little treats :-D Seeing what others have written, we might be trying some carrots and veggies to change things up a bit. Also, I use an ice cube now and then as a reward. It's really funny to watch them play with it!
I use these: http://www.samsclub.com/shopping/navigate.do?dest=5&item=183843
you can break them into small pieces with just your fingertips, which is the best part!
They also come in bulk, but in individual pouches so they last a long time.

They wouldn't make a good dog food, but I think they're great for training.

It looks like your treats are soft and can be broken, so that's good, but make sure you do. I spoil Pooka's dinner if I give her the whole pieces, and in a pup that will eat anything, that means too much food!


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