Anybody have any thoughts on using these meds.?

Trifexis is heartworm-fleas- intestinal worms

Parastar is for various types of ticks& fleas

Our vet prescribed them both.

I'm a little concerned about using them together and was wanting to hear if anybody has any feelings on either med...

Any advice would be so  welcome...


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I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Trifexus. It's an excellent product. I am pretty sure you can use it in conjunction with Parastar as Trifexus has no labeled tick control. I do want to say though, Trifexus is basically Comfortis (flea) and HW med combined into one pill. I use Comfortis and have found dead ticks on Franklin, so it does have a tick killing component but  my understanding is it doesn't last the whole month so they can't label it as such.

As for parastar, the vet I work at sells it. Even though it is supposed to be exactly like Frontline, I am finding it is not as effective. We have had many clients who have applied the product and come back a day or two later with a dogs infested with ticks, and some of my co-workers have used it and still see fleas. Trifexus kills the fleas starting 1 hour post giving the pill. I'd skip the Parastar and go with Frontline, its not any more expensive and its a product that has been tried and tested for over 10 years. Vets just started carrying Parastar because Frontline became available outside of vet hospitals and vets wanted their "vet only" product.

Wow Melissa thanks for the reply and so quick! That does put me more at ease. I actually bought both products last time I was in the vet office but I still had some interceptor and comfortis to use up...  when I got them home I was reading the literature and was a little concerned about using them together pardon the pun but it almost seems like over kill to use them together. I guess I was just wanting to hear from other Corgi owners on their thoughts.  I know my vets know what they are doing etc but again I just wanted to hear from our group. So I was thinking I 'd start off with Trifexus and go from there...I usually dose at the first of the month but thought maybe I'd see what kind of comments I might get here so again thank you so much


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