The vet said Tucker is underweight. I am not super worried about it but I was wondering if I should make an effort to help him gain weight or just leave things alone.

He has a very skinny waist and his ribs and sternum feel too pronounced. I can feel each individual rib - feels like just skin and corgi fluff covering them up. He is 11 months old and weighs 28 lbs - which I know is ideal for the breed but I guess he is a bit bigger and should weight a little more.

Currently I feel him 1/2 c. of Wellness 2 times a day. I also give him about a T. Peanut Butter in his Kong (some days) and some healthy treats in a biscuit ball when I leave for work. He gets a bully stick about 2-3 times a week. He eats his food in typical Corgi fashion (FAST) and he has normal energy levels. We walk about an hour a day and play some fetch in the yard - we also recently added the local dog park to our activities.

I have had him for 5-6 weeks now and there is no change in his weight. Should I increase his food intake to put some meat on those bones? I just do not want him to ever be overweight so I am hesitant.


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Yeah... the food I have, it says for dogs 15-20 lbs (much less than yours) needs to be 2 and 1/3 cups per day, so that would be a little over 1 cup at each feeding. I use Science Diet Puppy (she's only 6 months) but I would think you'd need less puppy food than adult food, but maybe Science Diet has more filler. Still, I think you can give Tucker a bit more at each feeding.

That sounds like a lot of food. Everyone on here is always saying not to feed more than a cup a day! Maybe he needs more for a while though - just don't him to become a pudge a wudge.


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