We are getting two Pembroke puppies very soon. We got a metal X-large (42"L x30"H) crate. We were planning on crating the two in one crate, but the crate we bought seems HUGE. We are afraid that any smaller might be too small when they are adults. We have a small kitchen and we are don't think we have enough room for two crates. Can any one with two corgis give us any advice or opinions? Is it OK to put two together? We are getting male/female siblings.

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Are they litermates? If so I believe that they would be okay but if they are not you might need to let them get familiar enough with one another that they are not teritorial etc. The breeder that we got our two from used a general rule of thumb, particularly related to car or transport crates. They need to room to turn around and lay down comfortably. For crating on a daily basis I acutally liked using a crate that was larger as it gave them some room to move around.

We do not crate our two on a daily basis as we have a large fenced in backyard that allows them to roam. I am lucky and work locally so I take late lunches and let them in the house in the early afternoon.
Yes they are litter mates.
Hi, we were told by our dog trainer that it is best to keep them in separate crates. The theory is that you don't want to bond too much with each other that they wouldn't bond with you or with other animals so a bit of separation is a good thing. We have two of everything...crates, beds, water bowls etc. We got Life Stages crates (30L x 21 W x 24 H) with a removable section to allow for growth. Our dogs are under 25 pounds so this size crate is perfect for them. We live in a really small townhouse so I understand about space! Our living room has gone to the dogs! Enoy your new puppies & take plenty of photos. :D.
My two (one Cori, one Whippet) are perfectly fine sharing one XL crate. They are very bonded but they are more bonded to my husband and I. Honestly, I think it all depends on the personality of the dog(s). We used to crate them dailty when we left for work, now we let them have full run of the house 24/7 (they are so spoiled). We only use the crate for long road trips as a safety precaution.
I am currently crating mine together, they are both male and not litter mates, one is 12 weeks and the other is 7 months. The older boy Archie seems to soothe the baby when he barks at night, in fact he almost mothers him, the rest of the day they play or ignore each other.
I only crate them overnight, cos we are not sure if they can be trusted to stay clean just yet.
When we got Lilibet we had a small travel crate but bought a very large steel crate as well. I yelled a my husband about buying it because it took up so much room and was ugly in our kitchen --and the dog was so small. I ended up getting baby gates for the kitchen and put the crate in our bedroom. When our neighbors also got a corgi pup we took care of each other's put the two pups in the big crate to sleep at night and during the day. They were so cute together! - worked until they were full grown - just not enough room for both to stretch out. We keep the crate next to my side of the bed and I use the top like a night stand - pile books etc. on it and I forget it is there. Lilibet sleeps in it every night (she is now 5) because she wants to ---and she insists on us shutting the door of the crate and then we give her a treat - if we don't shut her in, she woofs until we do! We call it B & B (bed and biscuit!) Every night when we say Bed and biscuit she charges across the house and runs full speed into her crate! She can stay in the crate easily all night 9pm until at least 7am or later. When she was a pup we always had a neighbor come by to let her out if we were gone all day. Now when we are gone all day she is loose in the house - no problem. For traveling we bought a full size soft folding crate and take that on vacations etc. when we are staying in hotels or in homes - works great. Have a soft washable fleece bed that goes on the bottom of either crate.
Izzy - and Lilibet
Though this might be okay w/litter mates but the attachment to one another would be great. You may get more seperation anxiety when you separate them at a later date. What happens if one gets sick or you want to go do something w/one and not the other. They may have a real problem w/that. I don't like the idea of animals kept together in a small area. There could come a time when one gets in a mood and they could hurt one another. Sibling rivalry. Also if one gets sick you won't know which one it is. I personally feel for their safety for the limited amount of time they'd be away from one another, to have them in separate crates.
My two doggies absolutely love eachother, but as a general rule of precaution I would never leave them alone together. Dogs no matter how close they are, are still dogs and can get into tiffs with one another. I've had to pull Atlas and Scout off eachother a couple of times when things escalated.
My childhood pups, two shelties, live with my parents. They are Duffy (age 13) and Annabelle (11). We got Annabelle as a pup when Duffy was 2, they've lived together for her entire life, and she is incredibly attached to him.
Last month my parents went out of town so I had to go to their house and take care of the dogs. When I came in, there was blood on the refrigerator and some of the cabinets. Duffy had a big clump of dried blood in some fur behind one of his ears, it was obvious from the spray pattern that they had gotten into it while nobody was home. Luckily it wasn't too serious, but it easily could've been.
Mine get along too and some better then others but you just never know and w/mine being intact males and females its just too risky. I'd rather play it safe then sorry. Like Ross said...dogs will be dogs and sometimes for unknown reasons they can get into tiffs.
Well after much debate, taking in all the pros and cons, we decided to get two crates. We were able to find a crate that was 36" long but not as tall as some of the others ones and not quite as wide. The crate came with dividers. They fit much better in our small kitchen, but will be big enough for them as adults. Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts with us!!!


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